Is it judging when you tell someone of their mistakes? Or is it judging when you "call" them sinners in your heart? Judging is a really difficult to keep away from, we almost do it instanteously when we see others and how they act, look, etc. What kinds of judging are allowed -if any? God bless, please pray for me.


  • Check out this thread: http://tasbeha.org/content/community/index.php?topic=6294.15

    There is a wonderful book written by H.H. Pope Shenouda III on this called "Judge not others". I couldn't find it online, although I do have a paper copy. If you can somehow get hold of it, it will answer all your questions.

    pray for me

  • [quote author=Servant of Jesus Christ link=topic=9113.msg113362#msg113362 date=1271392737]
    Is it judging when you tell someone of their mistakes?

    Not if it's out of love, trying to point it out to them nicely so they'd improve.

    but calling them sinners is.
  • I think it depends very much on the situation.  We are told to "tell each other the truth in love" but often we naively use that to point out someone else's (perceived by us) fault, while ignoring our own faults.  Speaking as someone probably much older than many of you, I would have to say that the older I get (and got), the more I realized how harsh I had been rather than loving.  Grace is far more winsome than judgment.  Just take a look at Jesus.  What do you think the purpose of pointing out your friend's fault(s) is? How open is your friend to hearing your pronouncements?  How open would you be to the exact same thing?  Is it that your friend is doing something dangerous and needs to hear the truth?  ("Your drinking really concerns me." vs.  "You always talk too much.")  Is it necessary?  Is it kind?  It is almost always better to be kind than to be "right."
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