Does the CoC recognise the killings of Armenian Christians in Turkey as Genocide

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In WWI, 1.5 million Armenian Orthodox Christians were killed by ottoman turks. Does the CoC recognise this as genocide against Christians, or not?

Given they are our sister Church, do we (as a Church) consider these 1.5 million Armenians as martyrs?



  • (Correct me if I am wrong) It depends. First of all what was the reason for the killing of the Christians was it simply just war or was it religious? Second of all, did the christians fight back? God bless everyone, please pray for me.
  • I don’t know if the church recognizes them as martyrs and commemorates them in her synaxarium. However, as the first genocide of the 20th century it is remembered by many. And though some it for political reasons their blood surely cries to the Lord like the blood of the righteous Able.
    In Christ
  • There is no official proclamation by His Holiness nor the Holy Synod.

    The relation is no different then when we deal with the internal persecution in Egypt.  The prayers are offered in concert with our Sister Church:  The Armenian Apostolic Church.

  • I think that our church doesnt recognize the the killings of Armenian christians in turkey, but we still remember any christian who died for the sake of christ though.  Anyways, not getting off topic, does our church recognize the holocaust?
  • There are no official declarations on either:  The Armenian Genocide nor the Jewish Holocaust.
  • Ah i get it thanks
  • i suppose you could say that both were events of great cruelty, evil, and tragic loss of human life. that the killing of innocent men and women anywhere is certainly wicked and unGodly.
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