England v Egypt

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Not an especially spiritual post, but very important nonetheless.

I wondered if anyone had got a ticket for the England v Egypt international at Wembley in March?

I will be there with my son cheering for England. I don't mind if others are cheering for Egypt. :-)

Father Peter


  • if yr not cheering for egypt we will pretend not to know u
  • Mabsoota, does that mean you are going to the match to support Egypt?
    I wouldn't be able to go anyway, but if I did I would probably have worn an English shirt and supported with Fr. Peter
    [coptic]nofri sai `nte ou`svyri `nhoui] `nte Kana `nte ]galilea
    oujai qen `P[C[/coptic]
  • ah, yr so sweet!  :)
    u + i have switched nationalities  ;)
    actually i have not been to a football match before, i think it's quite expensive, would rather save the money and spend it visiting egypt!!
  • Well, I wasn't just trying to be sweet; I was trying to make a point...
    They call that team the pharaohs and they are not - we are the pharaohs (they stop any Christian playing in the whole Egyptian league with all its divisions, bar some exceptions like Hany Ramzy who played in Italia '90).
    After each goal, they squat face down and claim that the goal was through the help of their god.
    Then they represent the people of Egypt, who keep persecuting Christians every day, and killing and murdering them every so often just because we are impious in their view. I'd better stop here then...
    [coptic]nofri pisai `nte Kana `nte ]galilea
    oujai qen `P[C[/coptic]
  • The International matches at Wembley are not very expensive. I think it was £25 for an adult and £15 for a child. I have been taking my son to international matches over the last year because it is a good, wholesome way for us to be able to do things together, and we get to see the best of the English players.

    He supports Manchester United but it is just such a long way to go to see a match at Old Trafford.

    Father Peter
  • One of my friends who lives in London is going with some of his other friends. He still didn't make up his mind which side he will be cheering for. I guess he will succumb to cheering Egypt on...
    [coptic]oujai qen `P[C[/coptic]
  • Sadly I won't be able to go, but I think I'll be supporting Egypt (but of course I'll be supporting England if my family in Egypt ask me). Father Peter, I think the distance is only half the reason why you wouldn't go watch Manchester United play. Paying any amount of money to watch such an awful team play...why do that to yourself?  :D
  • Less than an hour till kickoff. Anyone from tasbeha here at Wembley? There are plenty of Egyptian flags here tonight. I am afraid I am rooting for England.

    Father Peter
  • don't worry, we won't tell anyone
  • WOW, it's 9:55 PM in Egypt and the game starts in 5 minutes  :o what am I DOING on the computer?

  • Egypt lost :(
    Father Peter was cheating, He was praying to hard during the game
  • I was obviously not praying hard enough in the first half!

    Are there any Christians in the Egyptian team? They mostly seemed not to have Christian names?

    Father Peter
  • [quote author=peterfarrington link=topic=8718.msg111554#msg111554 date=1267689104]
    I was obviously not praying hard enough in the first half!

    Are there any Christians in the Egyptian team? They mostly seemed not to have Christian names?

    Father Peter

    No there haven't been any Christians on the Egyptian team since the early 90s if I remember correctly. Big point of contention actually, which is why many Copts refuse to support the national team.
    It's a shame though, Egypt should have put up a much better fight! World Cup will be interesting though. If Rooney keeps up his present form England have a good shot at going far in the tournament, especially if Brazil continue their present slump!

  • Quick question...

    Are people here familiar with soccer teams/players and what not? I was talking to a few friends who could list like all players from these random teams, and I was like  :o ...but they're Egyptian, so that kinda justifies it...
  • Well I'd expect everyone to know all the England players surely.

    But the Egyptian players were just names to me, although the Egyptian fans were cheering one or two players madly.

    Father Peter
  • :o
    i have failed, only know one or two...
  • [quote author=peterfarrington link=topic=8718.msg111585#msg111585 date=1267807486]
    Well I'd expect everyone to know all the England players surely.

    Yeah, that kinda makes me feel left out seeing as I don't know anything about football lol. Now I feel like I gotta learn everything and FAST  :-\
  • I believe most people who are soccer fans, they know the names of all the players on the egyptian team. Some of them even know their jersey number.
    I believe England had an advantage over Egypt; the egyptian players are playing against one of the biggest teams. they are playing an away game in one of the most famous stadiums in england and they are facing some of the biggest names in soccer. They had a good control of the game the first half, but you could tell that through out the game they didnt have enough confidence to attack and thats why they lost.
    If you look at their game against brazil and italy, you could see that they didnt give their best performance, but its all good
  • I heard Crouch's 3rd goal was an offside.
  • Yea I thought so too, but once the ref says its a goal, he cant go back
  • I thought the Egyptian team played well, and all of the English fans were pretty fed up with the England team at the end of the first half.

    I think though that Egypt dominated because England were not playing their best in the first half. The Egyptian fans were certainly noisy enough. What were they chanting?

    I was in the 5th row at the corner flag down the Egyptian end in the first half but opposite the Egyptian fans. I am expecting to get tickets for the England v Mexico game, and hopefully for the England v USA match.

    Father Peter
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