which churches are in/near talaat harb area of cairo?

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i have a friend from europe who loves to travel student-style.
he just phoned me to say he is going to cairo tomorrow(!) and wants to know what coptic churches he can visit during the week that will have a church service.
he will stay in the qasr el nil / talaat harb area, can anyone tell me the names of churches and times of services or their telephone numbers?
also, if there are no coptic churches nearby, can anyone tell me the nearest and how to travel there cheaply?
i have to confess i have not yet been to cairo  :o
i will text my friends there tomorrow as obviously it's their bed-time now, but i know now is the time all the american continent goes on line and checks out the website, and maybe some of you aussies are up early and can help!
thanks, friends  :)


  • I don't know of any specifically within the exact location.  The Metro (Subway) is right there.  He can take a ride. I think it is three stops to Old Cairo (the stop is St. Geoge on the Metro line), and there are the ancient churches with daily services.  Keep in mind that it is Lent, so I expect Liturgy to be in the afternoon.  Sorry, I cannot be more exact.
  • Sorry, misspell.  It should be St. George Stop.
  • Hello,

    The metro station is known as Mar Girgis (of Old Cairo).

    Here is the official online Cairo metro stations map. Stations may have a special name, not necessarily the main streets' names.

    Mar Girgis station is at about the middle of the red line.

    Check also Google maps though street names and bookmarked sites are not always correct.

    A bit late but mabsoota pls check your PM.

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