29th of month

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I know tomorrow is the 29th of tubah? is it still farahi? and if so, what doxologies are said?


  • Yeah its the farahi tune, and you say the doxologies for the resurrection, annunciation and nativity. There is a combined psalm response, and you say all 3 gospel responses. For psalm 150 you switch between each response after every verse.
  • actually....we might NOT celebrate that day between the beginning of the advent fast, which passed till the last day of of the fifty days, Pentecost.....BUT, am not 100% sure yet....
  • Definitively, the 29th of the Month Feast, Commemorating the Feasts of:  Annunciation, Nativity, and Resurrection of Our Lord, IS NOT celebrated during the months of Tubah (Tobi) and Amshir (Meshir) since they represent the period of Prophecy, Prophets, and the Covenant of the Old Testament.

    We are finishing the month of Tubah, hence, it is not celebrated.
  • i heard that we do not celebrate it during the period between christmas and lent. is this true?
  • That is in essence what I just posted for you.
  • Oh my mistake I mixed up Tobi and Barmouda
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