please pray for hsc students

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hello everyone,
i am relatively new to this website, and i must say it is pretty awesome  :)
Anyway, I am currently in year 12 doing the hsc this year, so please can i ask for everyone to not only pray for me, but for everyone who is undergoing stress (as i am  :-[) and for those having any difficulties along the way in their studies. May the lord bring success to all the students this year.

God bless


  • To those who do not live in New South Wales, Australia, HSC refers to "Higher School Certificate"- a set of exams which determines what tertiary course you can get into.

    God is with you.
  • Hey cheeky I'm doing the HSC too :D

    It's LOADS of fun isn't it ;) Ah well, try not to stress too much - I know two people who didn't do that well in the HSC, one is now the second highest ranked policeman in NSW, heading investigations into international terrorism and the other is teaching at TAFE. My cousin just finished this year, he didn't get into the course he wanted but he's doing a 16 month bridging course and will get into EXACTLY the same course once he's finished it. My point is, the HSC is nothing to worry about, not that I remember that when I'm staring at all the assignments I have due in a couple of weeks :)

    So welcome to the site and God bless you and your efforts :D

  • Welcome aboard!
  • heyyy!!
    HSC!!! i just wanted to pass by and say my opinion that the hsc can potentially be THE [glow=red,2,300]BEST TIME[/glow] OF UR LIFE if u let it be! its an awesome experience... through it u will discover soo mnay new things about urslef that u never thought u had.. u will know where ur limites truely are.. it can either be a year of selfishness or a year where u learn to think and care about others.. they say its the year where ur cutting down ur social life but i tell U WILL HAVE THE MOST AWESOME RELATIONSHIPS during this year; u get closer to [glow=red,2,300]God[/glow], to ur FAMILY and to ur friends.. and if ur lucky enough u can even get close to ur confession father..
    [move]U WILL LOVE THIS YEAR![/move]

    u know what,, u will be suffering the first couple of months in getting used to this whole idea of no social life.. but when u finish and u go back to ur social life and daily outing U WILL MISS THAT TIME WHEN U HAD NOTHING BUT GOD AND SKL... u will miss the time when u only had the one commitement of just studying..

    and if u manage to stick to God and do ur work u will be soo excited to see how things turn out at the end of the year.. its soo exciting just stepping bak and seeing how God works his wonders... try ur best and quite frankly ur atar isnt the final determiner.
    the 2009 hsc was the weirdst.. the weirdest things happen.. a person who got 99.65 and got 80s in umat and everyone knew he wud get in whatever HE wants (uws  med) didnt end up getting that.. i know a person who got in his 40s and GOT WHAT HE WNATED which is a bachelor of commerce at the uni he wanted.. u will see wanders..

    its the year where u will get closer ot urslef.. u will learn to be friends with urslef..

    i dont know how to express the way i see this year but all i can say is DONT GET SCARED OF THE CHANGE.. this year is just different yet amazing!

    enjoy it to the max,,, enjoy pushing urself to ur hardest.. enjoy learning and enjoy finding comfort in God when ur stressing out.. enjoy all the negatives of hsc.. turn them into positives and love them!!!
    may God bless u! [glow=red,2,300]MAKE THE MOST OUT OF IT [/glow] (not just academically)!
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