LOST GOSPEL OF ST.THOMAS found in Nag Hamadi

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Did anyone ever hear about the lost Gospel of St. Thomas that was found in Nag Hamadi, Egypt in 1941?? I heard it contained the acual words of Christ, but I'm not too sure if the church recognizes this gospel or even believes in it, if anyone has any info, let me know, thanx!


One of the verses in that gospel was "The kingdom of God is inside you and all around not in mansions of wood and stone, split a piece of wood and I am there, lift a stone and you will find me"

Even if our church doesnt believe in this gospel, i really like this verse because it seems to have a very powerful meaning.... :-\


  • wow thats amzing, i just recently learned about that my self and was goin to make a thread on it.

    its a fake as it claims that thomas was the twin of christ, as in he shared mary's womb with him, and that Jesus had an affair with Mary Magdeline!!!!
  • wwhhhaattt???? wowow, this was found in this gospel???
    and they claimed that Thomas wrote this? and how do they know if it acually contained accual words of christ??

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • there are heaps of other fake Gospels this is just one of the well known fake ones,
    theres no proof that thomas wrote it, but its proven that it was written around that time, howeva our faith dennies it, and we dont believe thomas wrote it or that it contains the words of christ...
    plz correct me if im wrong.
  • O no, i dont know much about it, but i really am interested in it, i acually started doing research on it but i cant seem to find that much info on it....thats why i started a thread really :-\....
    and ???wait a sec, theres other false gospels???? ??? and who found this 1?? i'm sorry i'm asking too many questions...its just that this is really inetersting

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • I want to know too. So it was written in that time? And the person claims to be Thomas? Does anyone know who really wrote it?
  • no one knows who wrote it, but we know its not from God, there its from the devil, found at the same time, written around the same time, there are heaps of other false gospels, same ppl who found the other gospels, found this written in a leather case, our church, and other churches rejected it, thats all i know, but plz some1 correct me if i misunderstood something.
  • so how can they call it the gospel of st.Thomas if they dunno who wrote it?? ???

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • cause wen u read it, it says it was written by st thomas, but it doesnt mean it was, they call it that cause that wat it claims to be, u know sum ppl actually believe in it, their are cults and stuff...
  • so these books r written by regular ppl and they just write our St. Thomas or w/e so that wen they're later discovered churches fall into such heresies??? :-\

    so wut does this gospel teach??

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*

  • I'm guessing at this, but I don't think they're written by regular people. Like GJI said above, they might've been written by the devil, so that thousands of years later, they would be a stumbling block and become herecies. Or they might've been written by people with a bad intent, like what you said. But I don't know.
  • i guess so, but i still dont understand how the devil could have written it ???... or even why because if the book was supposed to be a stumbling block, then it wouldnt go COMPELTELY against the church teaching, i mean the way the devil worx is by making everything seem lyl a cake.....beautiful decorations on the outside but inside could be all wormy and icky....so if the devil did write it i dont think he would have wrote it compeltely against the church teachings.....ionno, its just a thought :-\

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • I know what you mean. I don't know what the answer is though, but it's a really interesting topic. Thanks for opening this thread Sylvia.
  • no problem, i just wish there was um1 who knew how to answer these questions cuz i keep on researching but i'm not exactly getting wut i want... :-\

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • hey ill ask my sunday skool teacher and get bak to u,
    hes the one who told me about it...
    give me a list of questions and ill do the rest ;)
  • thats great, thank u....i just wanna know the basis i guess....who could have written it, why, wut the gospel teaches itself, y they choose to name it wut they named it...things lyk that....thanx a lot tho... :D

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • not a problem ill get bak to u on it.
    GBU alot, and i dont say that loosely ;)
  • taken from the fake gospel of st thomas, gives u an idea, the message that its conveying, wat its about and that it is truely Blasphemy

    "Jesus said, "When you see one who was not born of woman, fall on your faces and worship. That one is your Father." "

    "Jesus said, "Damn the Pharisees! They are like a dog sleeping in the cattle manger: the dog neither eats nor lets the cattle eat.""

    "Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life." Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven.""

    the work of satan...

  • In 1945, a copy of a lost gospel known as the Gospel of Thomas was discovered with a large collection of ancient texts known as the Nag Hammadi Library. With 114 seemingly disjointed sayings, there is no attempt to compose a narrative. Thomas’ gospel was written in Coptic, the common language of Egypt during the period of the early church.

    References to such a gospel were known reaching back to earlier antiquity and three Greek fragments of this gospel known as the Papyrus Oxyrhynchus had been discovered around the turn of the 20th century. Though "lost" for more than a millenium, the Gospel of Thomas had been portrayed as heretical by at least some early orthodox church patriarchs.
  • I do not really know that much about this topic, but i'll share what i can. George has already covered so much and so well, :) so forgive me if i repeat something.

    There were many fake books that have been written! These are called the Apocryphal Gospels and writings. (Apocryphal means something which is of questionable authorship or authenticity)

    Some examples are:
    the Lost Letter of St. Paul;
    the Gospel of Mary,
    the Gospel of Philip,
    the Gospel of Peter,
    the Gospel of Truth,
    the Acts of Pilate,

    and of course, the Gospel of Thomas.

    These apocryphal books are forgeries which were written at around the second century after Christ. They imitated the style and content of the TRUE GOSPELS, so as to create disharmony and attempt to cause confusion and division.

    'Magnoona4lyf' (Sylvia?), In answer to some of your questions about the Apocryphal Gospel of Thomas:

    i just wanna know the basis i guess....who could have written it, why, wut the gospel teaches itself, y they choose to name it wut they named it...things lyk that....

    As George said, the author is not not known, because the writing was discarded by most people, until rediscovered in Upper Egypt in 1945!! It claims to have been written by Thomas (i am not sure if it says the disciple Thomas), so that's why it's called that.

    This Gospel, does not really tell a story. It does not even try to mention any history about Jesus. There aren't even any miracles mentioned. As far as i understand, it does not even deal with the Passion of our Lord. It does not attempt to show fulfillment of the old testament, in fact .. nothing really happens.

    Instead, it aims to mention some supposed sayings of Jesus Christ, after His death. I think they are 112 or 114 sayings.

    These apocryphal books have been / are used by Gnostic and other heretical groups for their own advantage. In claiming to be Christian, or using Christianity's teachings, these groups / cults try to find support in these writings and their misleading teachings. May God forgive the writers and open the eyes of those who are & have been misled.

    Since there are more than a 100 of these apocryphal writings, some of the writings may contain correct descriptions of events and teachings, but they are not in anyway useful.

    Everything we need is in Our true Holy Bible, which has stood the test of time and herecies through the grace of God. Let us all make sure we benefit from God's words to us, as we can see it is truly a gift that God has kept for us!

    Hope i helped a bit

    God Bless :)
  • Hi Everyone,

    I also don't know much about this lost Gospel of Thomas. But I think if someone posts this question on the Q&A section of the SUS Diocese Website, we might get a good answer about it. I'm sure H.G. Bishop Youssef will know something about it.

    Here is the link for it:

    You will also find answers to so many important questions over there. It is a great resource page.

    Anyway, I hope that was a little helpful!
  • I just realized the question is already answered on the website! Sorry, I should have looked before suggesting that we ask the question.. ;D

    You will find the question under the letter "G"
    (You'll understand what I mean when you see the website)
  • It's in that movie Stigmata but I didn't know it was actually found and what the deal with it was but me and my friends asked our preist if it's true that it's the "missing" gospel and he said no.
  • yeah, i find this very interesting to caus genesis also mentions giants:

    Genesis 6:4 - There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

    The sons of God baring children with the daughters of men is the reason they thought that the angels sinned with women, but thats not meant by that verse. THe sons of God are the sons of Seth, and the daughters of men are the people that come forth from Cain, thats how it was explained, if i remember well.

    could anyone explain the 'giants' part plz :)
  • before hand, i just wanna say THANK YOU EVERYONE so much because i have such a better understanding about these "gospels". u guys helped so much so thanx, but I'm kinda confoosed about something....how do angela lust over earthly women? I mean they're up there w/christ himself y would they want humans??? ???

    and yess I'm sylvia, lolx... ;)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • That angel thing is weird...I don't think it's true because angels aren't humans to have human instincts such as lust or whatnot. God bless.
  • i agree with u, its too fishy cuz then if angels lust and have human desires doesnt that mean i could be an angel 2?? PLEASE NO1 TAKE THAT LITERALLY ;) lolx...yeah rite, me angel...hahahahah :-X

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • Hi guys
    It seems that, the what so called the gospel of Thomas, is nothing but a collection of sayings taking from the 4 gospels we have in our hands put together in no chronological order. some of the researchers estimate that about 50% of it is taken from the gospel according to Mark.
  • ooOOOOoo, u guys have 2 excuse me skewl doesnt start till tom so my brain is currently on "pause" :-X

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • http://www.coptic.net/articles/GnosticHeresies.txt (overview of the gnostic heresies, and specifically discusses the "Gospel of St. Thomas" in addition to other false gospels)

    + http://www.coptic.net/articles/TheStoryOfTheBible.txt (overview of the canonization of the Holy Bible)

    try these links, there helpful
  • Just to answer the angel question, don't forget that Satan used to be an angel. Angels have free will too, so if they choose to want to be equal to God, like Satan did, then they can choose to fall into that sin, just like we have free will too. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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