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Does anyone know where i can find (violin) sheet music for coptic hymns and songs?
...maybe like Epouro... although i'll take anything i can get ! haha


  • A version of the full midi file here (contains all instruments notes):

    What I did is cheating a little! I isolated the 2 tenor sax tracks and tried both digitally as one violin instead, and it worked not bad. It may work better if played on a keyboard but if you know your violin well you can adapt it to your style.

    You can also mute the 2 tenor sax and play along with the original midi to be backed with the other instruments. The sheet music I prepared is a 5 pages pdf and is printable (you'll find also the mp3 of my rendered violin experiment):

  • You might find this site useful, I'm not sure if you've seen it already

    Epouro is on there if you scroll down a little bit. Hope this is helpful

  • John, thank you for the sheet music for's perfect!!

    LondonCopt, thank you for the weblink...i actually hadn't see that website before, but it's definitely super useful!  It has a lot of the notes for lots of hymns

    thanks so much guys! that was exactly what i needed!
    i really appreciate it (:

  • hey john,
    would you happen to have any other sax music? i play alto and tenor and i love this!!

    ps. was this originally a tenor sax duet? because there are two parts...

    thanks and god bless!!

  • copticcross3, you're welcome  :)
    Thanks LondonCopt for the link they make great hymn tracks.

    AikotiEnsok, about the score can't revise this rt now anyway I think they do not play as duet because the notes on one track/part play when the other aren't probably it's an artifact during file import/exp etc. I can try 2 convert it into a single track and see. I'll look around for some nice midi for you but somehow a bit later pls bare with me.

    Seems we have good musicians with real instruments here  :)

    Mine music/sound orientation can b described as medium sized digital midi and audio.
    (In fact I'm kind of clumsy with real instruments.. a keyboard-DAW is easier.)

  • no problem,thank you so much!
    no rush, take your time!!

    thanks and god bless!!
  • Dear AikotiEnsok.

    Made this in hurry - sorry for any inadvertent errors.

    Ya Adra Ya Omelnour, Alto & Tenor Sax (2 tracks, duet?).
    I substituted Trombone by Tenor Sax.. again! hope it's OK Adra Ya
    pls try it and tell me if you need any change

  • haha i said don't rush my friend!!

    but thank you so much, this is beautiful!!!

    thank you so much and god bless,

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