I don't know

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Hi everyone,

I need some help,

there is something that is really really bothering me and causing me a lot of trouble, I cry a lot because of it. I can't focus at work, I can't focus at my service at church and it's been really holding me behind in a lot of things. I've been faking happiness and smiles to everyone I know and every time I try to go talk to abouna about it, I just can't hold myself together and I cry before I even go talk to him and I end up not talking about it. I've been lying to someone special in my life about this, whenever she/he asks me about what's botering me because I've not been normal lately I just lie and say I am just tired or stressed at work. I can't tell this person because the thing that's bothering me is about them and if I say it, I'll end up hurting their feelings, it's nothing wrong I did and at thet same time this thing is hurting my feelings as well and I've been holding what's bothering me inside me because I don't want to hurt this person but I've been really really sad and I just don't know what to do. Please please pray for me and if anyone has an opinion about it please share it with me.

In Christ


  • The Lord bless you and have mercy upon you. Do try and speak to Abouna, or someone you trust, not even for advice but just so that you know someone else knows.

    The peace of the Lord descend upon you.

    Father Peter
  • Thank you so much Father Peter, please remember me in your prayers I really really need everyone's prayer. I've been going through this for 8 months now.
    God Bless
  • Hi there
    I do agree and appreciate very much Father Peter's reply.
    From what u wrote that u are realy down and realy sad,
    I think, it might be a good idea to seek professional counselling.
    God bless
  • Hi Copticmark,

    Thank you for your response. I did talk to Abouna finally and I feel a little relieved that I talked about it but unfortunately Abouna told me I only have two options here, either to stay the way I am or do something that will change my whole life forever and both options are really hard for me and not easy to deal with OR there is the only solution to this problem is to be fixed and everything will go back to normal but it's out of hands, it's in the other person's hand and they are the only ones to fix it. So, please please pray for this problem to be fixed. I just feel that I can't take the pressure anymore. I have been holding this inside me for a long long long time now and it was only God strength to me that kept me holding myself together up till now otherwise, I would have died from all the pressure I am facing and hidding what's bothering me from everyone.
  • you are wasting time there laminting whatever the issue is..you might be hurting more than the other person would when they find out. be brave but also caring.
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