Uh, hello?! hehe

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Hey, i forgot to introduce myself here but I'm a newbie so HELLO to people of Earth who own computers

I don't really know what to say about myself though?!?!


  • Hello! Welcome to Tasbeha.org
    You'll enjoy it here
    God bless you
    Please pray for me
  • Oooh I know what to say about myself---I like tennis and I hate school  ::)

    Hey Marina

    Good Night-i will now stop blabbing
  • Hey Sheep Among Wolves

    yeah school sucks, and tennis is pretty awesome !
    Godbless! PIE
  • Haha welcome welcome I'm sure you'll come to love this forum as we all do. I used to play tennis...many years back during elementary school but then I moved and I stopped taking lessons; still play sporadically, though I cannot hit anything for dear life, but I must say it is quite a fabulous sport :D. Highschool does suck haha but once you graduate you'll miss it. What grade are you in if I may ask?
  • WELCOME!!!!!
  • hello everyone!!  ;D

    I like your avatar-thingy Regretful Sinner...which reminds me, my all-time favorite movie is "The Passion of the Christ" and also Jim Caviezel (he's the guy that played Jesus) is my favorite actor--he's not really that famous though because he's going against the Hollwood current
  • [quote author=Sheep Among Wolves link=topic=8027.msg103448#msg103448 date=1243026173]
    hello everyone!!   ;D

    I like your avatar-thingy Regretful Sinner.

  • Welcome! I am looking forward to your participation, hopefully we can all learn something from you.
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