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Today is Hos Erof's birthday!!


May God Bless you to be 888 years old like your profile says  :P


  • Happy Birthday Matt! Hope its a blessed one!
  • [center] ;D ;D :D :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D :D ;D ;D[/center]

    [move]Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Matt! Happy birthday to you! GBU!!![/move]
  • [coptic]nofri sai[/coptic] Matt/Hos Erof

    [center][coptic]se nrompi[/coptic][/center]
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ya geddo  ;D

    I hope you had a great and fun day. Aswell I hope you have a GREAT year full of blessings and that you continue to grow in Him through out.:)

    Ps. taishory, you beat me to this!! How dare you?!?! >:(
    lol jk I LOVE YOU. :-*
  • Best wishes and prayers and prosperity in your journey! May the Lord guard & guide you always.

  • kull sana wa anta tayyib  :)
  • thnx peeps for all the sweet wishes ;D
    God bless you all :)

    Happy Birthday ya a3sal! May God bless you to be 889 years old, a year older than Matt  :P

    I LOVE YOU!!

  • Habby Berezday !!!

    Egyptian style ;)

    May God bless you and all the years of your life and may He help you grow in Him more and more everyday!
  • Taishory,
    enty el 3asal! mama kanit lazim tekoun na7la 3alashan tegeeb el 3asal dah kolo. ;D
    but for real, God forbid I live that long, that would sure be a nightmare!

    I Hope the same for you! rabena ye3awadik! :-*

    I LOVE YOU!!!

    Thank you for your kindness, I dont deserve all of this!
    so somebody please find a way to delete the second portion of this thread, much appreciated! :)
  • Habby beysday ;D
    and sorry, u'll never be older than me :P

    May God bless this year and all the years of your life :D
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