Prayers Please

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Hey everyone,

I would like to ask all you, my brothers, sisters, Fathers, and Mothers in Christ to Pray for me in my time of weakness.

I have a lot of School stuff to balance and i have a little problem i hope to solve by the end of the Great and Holy days of Lent.

Pray for me and my weakness.

Rabena Ma3kom :)


  • Christrules, Your in my prayers, gb
  • May the Lord have mercy on you and grant you to be aware of His presence always near to you.

    Father Peter
  • I ask that you guys/gals also keep me in your prayers as I have continuously over the past few months strayed to the way side, and I am in great need of His mercy and compassion in this time of struggle with many different things, including but not limited to very big exams coming my way.  I pray that He be with those who ask for His help as well.

  • May the Lord have mercy on you, and all those taking exams at this time.

    May the Lord give you peace.

    Make sure you take time to be quiet and alone with God. Offer up your studies to God when you begin a period of revision. Consciously turn all of these things over to God and do them for His glory.

    Father Peter
  • Your in my prayers!!!! GBU!!!
  • As in mine
    Thank you all

    God Bless

    May the Prayers of Pope Kyrollos on our behalf be lifted up to the merciful God!!
  • I ask all of you to pray for me for the same reason as Christrules as I am need of the Lord's guidance through high school and my life decisions in the making I will pray for all of you if you all pray for me.  :)

    Rabina ma3ak Christrules :)

    Rabina Ye wa4ef M3akom tool 3omrokom. ;D

    salooly 3an iznokom.

    Paul From Canada
  • hi guys, i have prayed for u too  :)
    these r some of my suggestions when thinking about the future, i don't know if u will find them helpful. i recommend u tell God that whatever He asks you to do is ok with you. i mean for example, even if its His will for you to fail your exams and get a really menial job, you can agree with Him because you want treasures in heaven, not a good pay packet (it is not easy!) then, once you're ready to do anything, read in the Bible about the right attitudes towards people, for example; being humble, returning good for evil, giving money to the poor, praising God if it's you that's poor, submitting to your leaders, and being ready to sacrifice your life for your Lord.

    after you've made your choice, don't worry too much 'was that the right thing to do?' (there is often more than one right answer).
    ask 'how can i best serve God in the situation i find myself in?'
    God bless u
  • Thank you very much mabsoota
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