May God Bless Father Peter Theodere Farrington and his ministry

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Agapy everyone,

At the the British Orthodox homepage, I read a breaking good news that involves our Tasbeha resident Father Peter T Farrington ( I can not be mistaken,ehh?) and here it is in full:

Ordination of Peter Farrington to the Priesthood

May God bless the humble Father Peter and his ministry. Let us all remember him in our prayers.

PS: I wonder, if Father Peter would be going to Egypt or stays in a UK's Orthodox monastry the 40 days.

Axios, Axios ,Axios

In Christ


  • amen brother,
    and lets remember to keep on praying for all our priests and clergy and those 'over us in the faith' as they do a difficult and beautiful job  :)
  • Well, from my personal experience with Fr. Peter, I think God has blessed him with patience which he will definately need in his ministry!!!
  • Yes, lets pray that the Lord bless, guard and guide Fr.Peter and his family.

    This is a very difficult time for Christianity, particularly in the UK where once-cherished values are being questioned, compromised and discarded. Fewer people are attending church services, newer fads and strange lifestyles are making inroads into daily life.

    Let us also pray that more people in the UK see the beacon of Orthodox Christianity.

    God bless,
  • I pray for Fr. Peter's ministry that it may spread the Gospel throughout a Jesus-starved UK. May the Lord guide many who are confused about God in a country that's more hostile to Christ than to Mohammed! Congrats and God grant you many years+++!
  • I heard there is a counter atheist-bus campaign in the UK, that's pretty cool hé, I mean I love the dynamics of different people using their right to freedom of speech :D

    God bless Fr. Peter and his family and congregation and aid him to be a shepherd to the flock

  • Congratulations to Fr. Peter Theodore from the team. May the Lord strengthen him and bless his service.
  • May god Bless Him!
  • ...Deepest condolences to his wife and family, Fr. Michael, Fr. Mark, Fr. Kyrillos, and the People of God at the Parish of St. Mary, and to every one that has tasted of his fatherhood and priesthood.
  • I'm still here... so I am not sure who Watson.Shane is referrring to.

    Perhaps we could find out.

    Father Peter
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