Repentance Taraneem

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Im making a CD and the theme of the CD is Repentance can you give me English taraneem that are about or fall under the theme of repentance


  • I have a billion of those on my ipod, but my sister changed my password and I can't get in anymore.. don't worry though b/c once I make her spill (I have my ways), I'll send them all to you  ;D

  • Thank you soooooo much
  • just wondering.. english or arabic (i have both)
  • both are good but english would be better
  • I really thought I had a lot of repentance songs... I don't sorry. But here are the ones I do have: (btw there aren't many English ones out there)
    1. lieh? lieh?
    2. ya saheb el hanan
    3. ya khati eraf tarikak
    4. where are you
    5. teach me to wait for you (the Arabic version is better but I only have the English)
    6. saleeby man badalak
    7. oh beloved, wa habibi
    8. betefhamny
    9. don't leave me alone, emski ya Rabi edy
    10. fe wakt da3fy, in times of weakness ( I personally like the English better)
    11. gaz fe nafsi seif
    12. ha atee ba teebee (I'm not sure what this song is saying but the tune is repentanceish)
    13. shehwat alkalb (this one too, sorry)
    14. kayfa ansa, how could I forget
    15. kol youm (I like this one a lot)
    16. lama akoun ta3ban, when I feel sad
    17. lord I thirst
    18. mali sewak
    19. mein gherak
    20. meen ana meen
    21. my name is the prodigal son ( in Arabic, its nice but its a bad recording)
    22. oh the deep deep love of Jesus
    23. oh what a great redemption (doesn't pertain to repentance that much but I love it :))
    and a great finishing song would be Rabina Mawgood!!
    i'd be more than happy to send any of these to you.

  • can you send me all of them except #7
  • I sure can!!

    just tell me how lol.
  • On that note,

    Deacon Boules Malak has a whole tape with that theme in mind.
    It's in Arabic, and it's called "lama raaany" (translates: when he saw me).

    Sorry about the english-arabic. I hope that helps

    God Bless
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