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I find it hard to pray, when i pray its hard for me to continue. My relationship with God is getting so hard
what should I do??????
Desperate servant

May God Bless


  • there are a 'few' answers here:


    try reading psalms.
    if you don't know the agpeya well, use the psalms and prayers there.

    if you do, and your brain switches off when you read it, read the psalms that are not in the agpeya (just over half of them.)
    think of God during the day. smell a flower, feel the rain on your face, watch the tiny insects how they run around, listen to the birds etc. get connected with creation and then read psalm 8.
    get used to thanking God, for food, for the ability to use a computer, for all good things you have.

    we will pray for you, may God lead you and teach you  :)
  • The bible tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven is for those who press forward. Even the saints aren't perfect. We all lose track of God sometimes; however, its those who can find their way back who will win the race. Even if you find praying hard, do it as a chore and soon enough, you'll find that you want to do it again.

  • Why don't you ask your FOC? Your relationship with God is getting "hard" because of a personal issue.
    General answers won't fix that, I think. It's better to dig deep and see whats causing this distance in the relationship.
    Thats the FOC's job :)
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