need christmas epsalia!

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need christmas epsalia in words and the tune for it, also lookin for tenowi ensok recordin in joyful tune...
thnx buddies..


  • dont mean to nag but i really need this...
  • the way of the festal psali depends on whether it's Batos or Adam

    The Batos tune is the same as any other Batos festal tune and the same for the Adam (listen to the Nayrouz recordings by Ibrahim Ayad to get familiair with the tune)

    as for the txt, i don't have it unfortunately, and cant type it for u cause i don't have the book of Psali's at home and it's not written in any Annual psalmody, sorry couldnn't help with that

    the festal Adam way of the Psali is such a beautifull tune btw, i love it ;D
  • guys i need this epsalia in 5 hours, orelse were not gonna say it tonight!!
  • I'm sorry I did not get this posting, since I signed later from its placement.

    I have the book of psalis for the special feasts in Coptic and Arabic.

    Let me know if you still need it for the future. Send on my e-mail.

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