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Good day,

Hi, Hows the community? By the way I just want to ask some few questions here before the ship leave again for sea....

1. Im on a ship now for navigation, I have an Icons here of coptic/ethiopic saints including our LORD and Mother is good to pray in front of icons in the east side, but if the ship is changing course, what is good then if it is in opposition? to face to the east or face the icons?

2. Im on a reefer kind of ship carrying fruits, we are shipping tons of pineapples and bananas for europe and u.k monthly together with my younger brother in another ship...we tender and care our cargo 24 hours a is already an ancient practice, that the ship's crew eat the food they carry for some consumption only, or a stevedore eat it if he is hungry while doing job in harbour..Is it a sin of pilferage or another kind of sin? the way here are came in my mind...a priest have the right for there service....or a labourer have a right for his wages....the disciples had been hungry and they plucked the grains in the field during sabbath, who is the owner of that field? is it ok for they got only enough to surpass the hunger? I need comments or good advice for the men of the sea practice it also in centuries now or maybe thousands of years earlier...thanks in advance..

Thanks and Glory be to GOD, always, Amen.


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  • welcome, brother!
    there are a few churches that don't face east, so people pray towards the altar even if it is not towards the east. praying to the east is a tradition, not a commandment.
    the important thing is to pray.
    i think if you want to eat some of your cargo (it seems a normal request), you should ask your boss. ask the captain or someone else who gives you your daily work and tells you what to do. if it is a normal thing to do, i think they will say, yes, eat it but not too many.
    the cargo does not belong to you but it belongs to your boss, so you should ask the boss.
    in the same way, Jesus paid the taxes to the roman leaders, even though they were not good leaders.
    may God bless you and reward you for doing His will.
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