Bad link *I think*

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I didn't know if I should have posted this in hymns, so if you think its a bad place, feel free to move/delete this post:

Ten Theeno by the 'Elshahid Abu Fam' group at,_Coptic_Midnight_Praises/Part_1.html actually downloads/plays online Tote Afhos (Tote Afhos)...all the songs after that actually play/download the song after it (for example, clicking on the first hoos will open the first hoos lobsh, etc). I wouldn't have had a problem with this, as I can just open the link for the next song to get the song I want...but I don't know how to get to ten theeno-can you guys look into it when you get a chance?

I doubt its anything to do with my PC, but per forum rules: OS: vista SP2  Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11

I don't run into any other technical difficulties on and can listen/download any other song properly

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