Prayers for the COC

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Please everybody pray to Our Lord Jesus Christ for the protection of HH Pope Shenouda III, the Holy Synod, the CO Clergy and the Coptic Orthodox Church and its youth. Calls were being circulated on the internet for many days for massive demonstrations to come out from many large mosques very close to the CO Patriarchate after their Friday prayers tomorrow 22/10 at ~1 PM (Cairo local time), with claimed intentions to humiliate the Pope and HG Anba Bishoy and to demand the Church to deliver them the Christian women that some still wrongly insist on their conversion.

Please pray peacefully for all the Church and also pray for the angry crouds that God will calm their anger peacefully without damage to anybody.

I ask you please to refrain from any flamed reactions or replies as they are not our way, we do love our country and our brethren very much.

I would like we also thank and glorify the Lord that Mr Selim el-Awa who previously unjustly propagated and mobilized a lot of anger accusing the Church of conspiracy by claims of gathering and hiding weapons etc. that he was recently severely discredited by many of his own religious figures because in his poisonous speeches his tongue slipped as he dared criticizing their prophet's companions. Glory be to God forever.



  • I hope that as many as are able will fast strictly with prayers tomorrow for these things that John_S2000 has mentioned.

    Sometimes there is a need to speak, sometimes a need to act, but always there is the need to pray and ask God Himself to speak and act on our behalf and to His glory.

    Father Peter
  • When they wanted to move the Mokattam mount, fasting was for three days with no food. I just wanted to point out the fact that it was not simply eating vegan all day. Also, fasting is one wing with which one can't fly with. You need two wings. Therefore, lots of prayer is needed, which is the second wing. Let us also fast from our iniquities and not just from our food.

  • What's happening tomorrow at 1pm? And do you have a source?

  • God have mercy on us all.  I have been anxious about days like this approaching our Church and our Pope.  I agree, fasting and prayers, these are our only weapons.

    God save our Pope, our Father of Fathers.
  • TITL I explained above that angry demonstrations may occur.
    Please lets calm down.

    Sources are found on the Net in Arabic, on YouTube for ex. usually starting with the fake photoshoped poster of a veiled woman asking to support her conversion and inciting voices yelling or crying.

    It is also possible that with the grace of God they may not do that because many know that it is a politically rooted pressure applied by some extremist party on the body of the Church.

    Please pray and thanks to all who kindly replied.

  • If you don't mind, can you post it on here? I can read arabic.

  • Here is not the place or the purpose, check your PM.

  • Did anything happen today?
  • With the grace of God two hate/humiliation demonstrations only happened today in a really much smaller scale than anticipated, this is according to little news I was able to read.

    Thanks to all those who prayed.
    Glory be to Our Lord forever.

  • sorry, only saw this now.
    i pray God will continue to glorify His name and guide us with all wisdom.
  • Thank you mabsoota and everybody.
    The Church deserves and needs our prayers all year long.

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