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I have a take home exam for one of my classes and the material is really hard. Would it be considered cheating if me and my friend answer it together? It is an online exam and the professor is giving us only 1 hour to answer it so she told us that she assumes that we are not going to use the book. But i don't know if she means that we are not allowed to use the book


  • I will answer your question with a question:  Who will get the grade--you or your friend?  How would you split the grade?
  • We were thinking of answering both of the exams together...answer one and then answer the other one
  • So you are only thinking of doing half the work?

    I think you know yourself that this is cheating. It is not what is being asked of you by your teacher.

    Better to do it properly and fail, than to succeed and know that you do not deserve the better mark you may win.

    Father Peter
  • If you don't learn the material now, it will come back to bite you during finals and when you take other exams based on that material. And what shall you do then? You are only setting yourself for a harder and worse road if you cheat now. It is easier just to learn the material well and do it on your own. As for working in pairs, if you have any doubt about whether or not it is cheating, you can always just email or ask you teacher in person if you can do it.
  • But it is a take home exam and I heard that it is super hard and I am worried about it. I am planning to study everything, but it would help to have someone to compare answers with or help with harder questions. Would that still be considered cheating.
  • Why have you not asked your teacher?

    If they think it is not allowed then it is not allowed.
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