are all sins are equal

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someone told me that God don't care what kind of sin you do, if you kill its the same as stealing all sins are equal to god what ever sin you do he will punish you the same even if you kill some one is the same a cursing some one out . could that be true help that driving me nuts because it don't make any since. ???


  • Thats a reallly goood question...caz Ive heard that from people too but I think the point of them saying that is to discourage any sin as oppose to givin us the faulty impression that theres a good sin n a bad sin n a white sin n a black sin just so were not inclined to commit any.of those sins caz bottom line thats what they are ...SINS! However, the Bible does speak of sins leading to death & sins that dont --> blaspheming against the Holy Spirit i think is the one that cannot be forgiven & sins that do not lead to death m guessin are the ones that we can repent from n r forgiving, hence dont lead to death...sumthing like that lol...well thats my two cents worth :D

    Good Question...ill definitely come bak n check out the people REPLY
  • Well I'm not so sure but I personally like to believe it is because if we go around saying small and big we won't be getting anywhere..If we keep saying it's'll keep doing it right? "For the wage of sin is death" It's not "For the wage of BIG sin is death". Sorry, I was probably confusing..just my own little philosophy. God bless.
  • a sin is a sin in God's eyes but the consquences of each sin is different... but if you lied or murdered you will still go to hell but on earth it is easier to deal with lies than murder
  • no, thats why theres different levels of heaven and hell, its all on what u did.

    id add too that chatholics have this idea of venial(not so bad) and mortal(bad) sins. Even thu its dumb and people have answered me on this, i think they have a point.

  • who cares.. all sins are forgiveable.... so just repent
  • tru but if u die
    hitler isnt ganna
    suffer like a monk
    who went bad?
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