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I just need to know if going on date/ boyfriend girlfriend is ok and a christian can do it without harm Thanks ^.^


  • Boys and girls can never ever be friends

    there was a MONK and a NUN who every single night had dinner with each other. (remember this is a monk and a nun) a few years later after having dinner with each other every single day, they feel into lust with each other.

    this shows that if a monk and a nun are susceptible to fall into sin with each other then we who are not part of the priesthood are about 99% sure to fall.

    pray for me
  • Well in short, no.
    No good will come from it and it only leads down a very dangerous road.
  • hang out in a group, with other people.
    as u are sat at the table with others, you can have a conversation with the person you love as well and find out about them.
    then pray a lot and, if it is right for both of you, and you have discussed it with your spiritual advisers, you can get engaged.

    i don't see any point in a romantic relationship unless you think it can lead to marriage.

    also you could discuss this topic with people who know you better and they may advise you better.
    may God guide you and protect you  :)
  • lol thanks guys i really wished fr peter commented oh well Thx!!!!!!!!!!!! :-\
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  • pets10, everyone else seemed to have made sensible comments, and there are a great many threads on Tasbeha that say the same thing.

    i. Dating is for those who are seeking to discern if the person they are attacted to is the person they should marry.

    ii. Dating is therefore appropriate only for those who are seriously intending marriage.

    iii. It is still appropriate for boys and girls to mix together in groups, but this is 'doing things in a group' not dating.

    iv. If a person is not at the point where they are looking to become married then dating is very often harmful from all manner of perspectives.

    v. If you want to do something with a friend of the other sex then arrange a group activity with other friends, and don't concentrate on that one other person. Just enjoy the friendship of all your friends.

    Father Peter
  • OK srry i just wanted to hear from a priest srry if i caused any trouble    :-[
  • There is no need to say sorry. But since everyone had been coming up with good advice I didn't know what better things I could say.

    God bless you
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