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Good day to all,

Ive just arrived here in brussels around 8am local time. tomorrow I will joined the ship and it will leave antwerp 16th afternoon. To all oriental othodox people, please remember me in your prayers...after a month, I will be back again in antwerp and im looking for any oriental orthodox people to share with and i need there advise when im in harbour..if anyone interested and near antwerp..hope you can visit me, I will mail the port address to share my life as a man of the sea and how i found this church or I want to visit a nearer church here....thanks in advance...

Thanks and Glory be to GOD, Amen.


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  • may God bless u.
    remember even if u are far from a church God can guide u.
    i am travelling now but heard some lovely words of wisdom in a nearby catholic church that i 'accidently' walked past before the service started.
    so love God, live to please Him and He will guide u in all yr ways.
    peace to u brother
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