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In the liturgy the priest prays " Likewise also the cup after supper He mixed it of wine and water. He gave thanks.."

If I am not mistaken,the bible does not say that Jesus Himself mixed wine with water.Therefore,if that is so, we do not know for sure,unless we rely on the customs and traditions of wine mixing of the day.Perhaps,the practice of adding water has symbolic significance , but I do not think that it is necessary for the validity of the Holy Sacrament. I do not know if the mixing of water is in reference to the verse in (Proverbs 9:5): 'Drink the wine which I have mixed for you.? However,why is it important to mix the wine with water, bearing in mind,that there is already large amount of water in the finished product of wine?


  • Hello Hezekiel,

    Very nice question. Recently, I was listening to Abona Anthony's series, " Living the Liturgy" Part 2. He answered that question in his. He said that," to the jews, it is known that they usually mix the wine with water. It would be a third wine and two thirds water."

    God did not need to say wine and water because it was understood at that time.

    It is like me saying that John ate cereal. We understand that John ate the cereal with milk. I don't have to say John ate cereal and milk.

    If you would like to listen to it go to and search for living the liturgy.

    God bless
  • However, your proportionality is the inverse of the ecclesiastical tradition.  The tradition is 2/3 wine, and 1/3 water.
  • I apologize about that. Thank you very much ilovesaitmark for correcting me.

    Sorry Ezekiel for giving u a partial wrong info.

    God bless
  • as it is explained well previously... but another thing I would like to add...

    whose blood are we drinking? yes, Jesus!

    and through the liturgy we cover most of the life of Jesus, so what happened on the cross, when The Christ was speared?! Jesus' side released water and blood... so the mix of water and wine (which will be the blood) we drink it through the sacrament of Communion!

    neshkor Allah, akhadna el bakraka
  • Hi ebnyasoo3,

    Thank you for the simple clarification of 'John ate cereal means milk and cereal" example (unless one is weird and eats cereal alone,Hamburger means meat and bread..funny priest) .I could not agree any more.Folks,the link to  "Living the Liturgy"is a long series worth listening to. 

    SuperBam, the mixture of water and wine symbolises the water and blood coming out of our Lord's body. Fair enough. The Armenian Orthodox church does not mix wine with water nor does it use leavened bread for the Body of Christ. I wonder why they have this unique rite.Any ideas?

    Wish ALL a Blessed & Happy Nairuz Feast!
  • The Armenian Church follows the Old Testament Passover Tradition.  Also, there was a period in the middle ages where there was a rapprochment with the Latin Church which influenced them in certain aspects of their Rites and Traditions.

    Armenia, being at the cross-roads between East and West; Eastern and Western Empires, has a hybrid of both eastern and western influences in their traditions and rites.
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