Why is Saint Mark forgotten?

I have pondered this point a lot.  St. Mark is the great Apostle to Egypt.  He gave us our ability to breath in Christianity. 

Are there any experiences for anyone on this site with St. Mark?  Does anyone have any special items of St. Mark?

Have you ever wondered that there are no gold medallions made in Egypt for St. Mark?

If I were a guessing man, I would say that in the Churches of Egypt, 100% either have the church named after St. Mary or have an altar dedicated in her name.  I would say that St. George is close behind with maybe 75%.  Where is St. Mark on this statistic list?

I go to churches and sometimes he is not mentioned at all, except minimally in the 'Hitenis' and the Diptych of the Saints.

I chose my screen name as ilovesaintmark, specifically, to force everyone to remember and say the words.


  • I wouldn't say he is forgotten at all. He is a saint close to my heart as well. I am named after him for that matter. In the diaspora I would say the majority of churches are named after him. My church is named after him. I would say in almost every state, if its the first church it is probably named after st mark.
  • if you come to the reality of it... St. Mark is actually one of the least forgotten saints... compare him to St. Joseph the Carpenter... among many saints... compare him to saint Mary of Egypt... who in our church her feast comes and passes and many don't notice it... while in the Eastern Orthodox, the fifth sunday of lent is given to her...

    I've been reading on many saints who are even unknown in our church... but our focus usually is centered on the "saints" of recent time... but try to publicize their names... and you'd be surprised how much blessing you will receive... they are amazing with such things... I try writing icons, and I give lessons about them... so find a way you can praise them!

    neshkor Allah, akhadna el baraka!
  • When was the last time you heard a tamgeed for St. Mark?...only on his feast day.

    When was the last time you saw a gold medallion for St. Mark?...never, unless you are me.

    Very few churches are named after him...I disagree with the previous thoughts.

    He, for us as Copts, is second to the Virgin Mary.

    He has a great story.

    The Lord's Supper was celebrated at his house.

    First Liturgy, author.

    First Pope.

    First Gospel.

    I am biased.  I think he is amazing and I think he needs more name presence and recognition.
  • BTW, St. Joseph the Carpenter is in so many Christmas renditions.  It may not be fully verbalized, but he is most certainly visually immortalized.
  • if the church sings continuous non stop tamgeed for every saint, she will not be able to praise this saint except once a month if that... if a church gets a gold medallion for every saint... she will not have money... if every church is called after every saint... she will need an over sized book just for the name!

    I love saint Mark... but maybe we don't have that great of a relationship yet... but even our acting family when I came to give it a name... I gave it St. Mark, even though my patron saint is saint Bishoy... but as saint Mark gave the message to pagan Idolatrous Egypt, we will give the message to the the world... but to every saint you have to give them glory... its not praise God in His saint Mark... its Praise God in His saints!

    Neshkor Allah, benakhod el baraka!
  • I was talking about medallions you wear like you have for other saints.

    I am partial to St. Mark, I admit it.

    There are many saints that are not remembered at all...some that have names that we do not know.

    HOWEVER, NO COPTIC CHURCH WITHOUT ST. MARK.  He is the courageous one.

    His Holiness even wrote a book about him.

    St. Bishoy is great and all, but even for the church in Chicago, he is #2 to St. Mark.

  • St. Bishoy is great and all, but even for the church in Chicago, he is #2 to St. Mark.

    LOL... oh boy Ilovestmark... you will get on my black list for saying this... Ilovesaintmark try to love all the saints... they will love you back!

    I have not found a single icon for St. Youstina, let alone a simple medallion.  And her feast passes by every October 1 and no one sings the verse for her or does a tamgeed

    oh boy... I will finish her icon, before she gets upset with with me... good thing you reminded me!

    neshkor Allah... akhadna el baraka!
  • Mr. BAM,

    I love them all.  I just think that St. Mark is in the Super-Saint category.  Just like there are Super-Man categories.
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