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Heyy is disciples, the same as dicipline hmmm
oh and what is discipleship
how was Saint MAry a model of discipleship, a model disciple??


  • Are these questions coming from an assignment? Because you need to be able to research and learn without us giving you the answer.
  • First of all, look the words up in a dictionary. Then read the Gospel of Matthew, you will find the answer. Your sunday school teacher would be very disappointed in you. lol.  ;D ;D
  • I don't know what  a disciple is, but I know what a "prophet" is.

    It is when you sell something for more than you paid for it.

    [It is one of my corny jokes.]
  • u guys r so slack,  >:( :(:'(
  • Dont worry about them. In my opinion discipleship is different to discipline because like u can be a disciple (e,g, the ones that follow Jesus) but discipline is when you stay in accordance with rules. Yeh hope that helps
  • You have to have discipline to be a disciple.
  • Heyy guys, thanxx so much, ibelongtojesus,  :D

    the rest of you im ashamed tsk tsk tsk
  • Ur welcome mezza, Y ;DEEEEHHH tisktisk the rest of  u hahah just jokes. Yeh well Bii
    :P I am more loved than the rest of u meanies. Naaahhh just jokes now i am just  :o bored  ::) and babbeling on now. Yeh soo c ya. Have fun at church tomorow .
    HAhaha i like emoticons.
  • lol, tisk tisk us? ur the lazy one who doesn't know how to navigate a dictionary. If anyone is slack, it's you.
  • has any one gave us the meaning yet ????
  • mezza will give us the answer after he/she looks it up
  • YEEEHHH dont tsk tsk us GEOMIKE coz me and mezza are really just kids in highskool. And we do know how to navigate the dictionary :P except since we are pretty young that means we dont always know everything and cant always understand everything in the dictionary, yeh personally sometimes i look up one word in the dictionary and end up having to look up a bunch of other words to figure out wat the other word meant. Yeh thanks GODlovesme for standing up on our behalf. hahaha. Hi mezza. Bii mezza. hope ur post has actually helped u. c ya
  • Oh yeh also geomike i also did actually look it up in the dictionary for the second meaning, and arent u like 16 or sumthing like that (r u the same as GEOMIKE15) yeh so thanks. Oh but in all fairness to u i do actually think of myself as lazy but yeh, ahahahaha soo yeh bii alll. ;D :D ;) :) :-* :-\ :-X :-[ :P ??? 8) :o :( hahaha i like them. bii
  • Forgive me if i sounded harsh, but really all you have to do is grab a dictionary and look it up, since ur kids in high school then it's most likely a Sunday School question. That's why nobody was telling you an answer. That's the point of S.S. But i will be nice and give u the definitions and you just figure it out.

    disciple: Religion .
    a. one of the 12 personal followers of Christ.
    b. one of the 70 followers sent forth by Christ. Luke 10:1.
    c. any other professed follower of Christ in His lifetime.

    Now just think about the other one it's easy, idk if u guys are still looking for the answer but here you go.

    Btw if i offended you sorry, didn't mean to.

    PFM as IPFY
  • Hey GEOMIKE, i forgive u. but i dont think it is for sunday skool. ohh and thanks GEOMIKE, i hope i didnt sound too meaan to u too, i hope u forgive mee. hahahah now this post is sounding all a lot more like confession. hahaha. cya all
  • Hii, its me bugging everybody in the world, i am not a kid, a baby, i am a person in highskool- not a kid, this simple question was asked for an assignment which i have already finished agessss ago, so thanxx so much to all of u u really hurt my feelings, thanx anywayz, ibelongtojesus,
    GEO MIKE, thanx for trying,
    btw the tsk tsk was just to show i was made so anyway ill just stop posting stuff and leave u guys all alone
    bye, last post
  • Mezza i hope ur joking, i wasn't trying to hurt your feelings at all. I was just encouraging you to study it further in depth in my own little stupid way, lol. I hope this isn't ur last post because i really want to hear more from you because your posts really bring things to my attention that i need to study more on. Thanks for telling me that you were hurt, i appreciate it, instead of holding a grudge like most people. Forgive me if i hurt your feelings but you must know that it wasn't my intentions at all.

    @ibelongtoJesus: Lol, no i am not the same as geomike15, but he has a really similar name to mine, lol.
  • nice conversation .. lol
  • Hey Geomike, thanx for your post, you made me happier, i forgive you,  thanxx i thought i was just annoying people with my posts, thankyou for your apology, thankyou for clearing it up with me, i didnt want the grudge to stay, i hate staying mad so yea, thanx geomike
    Cyaa :D
  • Hi geomike sorry about the geomike15 mix up but there was a question where it was u who asked it then geomike15 said sumthing like "Yeh i need the answer really badly" or sumthing like that and i thought it was u or sumthing but u just forgot the password to ur account or somthing and then  u made a new account. so yeh sorry about that, HIIII MEZZZAAAAAA WaAaZzzzZZ UPPPPP. sorry abbout that hahah (i got a little bordom moment so i went random) cya
  • hi all sorry i just wanted to say thanks on behalf of Mezza as well coz yeh she is awesome and anything to help help her is well apreciated . WOOHOO round of applause for Mezza hiphip Horayy HipHip Horraayy HipHip horray. ok over and out. cya all
  • awww thanxxxxxxxxxx i belongtojesus u rockkkkk lol, thanx for the mezzage lol message ,mezza lol get it lol
  • hahaha u is most welcome ;D he so cute this smiley
  • OHHH it is so cute, :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • hahaha i know . Just jokes just jokes
  • Soooo.... umm anything on victorian bushfires?
  • lol, i thought geomike 15 was geomike lol my baddd, what does it mean i think of geography mike somethin like that or guirgus- georgge mike'
  • not Victorian but just the stuff in my book i gave u. I think we should keep this to  our own emails not in a public post hahaha. hi every one. bii everyone.
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