Heyy guysss

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Heyy guyss,

How come no one is replying to my questions on Saint Mary, i really need some answers, Shoukran, sorry for bothering you guys, but i really want to understand, thankyou Pohk,



  • AWW its alright mezza,
  • it's a really big question.
    there is so much to say about saint mary we don't know where to start.
    we consider her the most amazing saint because she carried our Lord the Son of God in her womb, and she allowed God to do His will with her, even though it meant a hard life for her.
    being thought of as a loose woman (being obviously pregnant at marriage), having an amazing son that most misunderstood and watching Jesus suffer and die on the cross must have been almost unbearable. but she withstood it all, for the love of God.
    we hope to be somehow even 1% like her!
  • In all of the artistic renditions, she has the sweetest motherly eyes.
  • If you notice in all of the Chants and hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church, you will find the glorious sounding ones are for the Lord, and the really "cool" sounding ones are for the Holy Mother of God.  It is almost like a whimsical serenade of a very kind and loving mother.  I do not think it is an accident.

    I cannot think of any hymns or chants that trump the variety and admix as they are for the Virgin Mary.

    She is amazing!  She is sweet!
  • Heyy thanxx on the response,  but if you have anything else you could tell me please, if yo uhave time do so

  • Hi Mezza
    what is up. Um I know that Saint Mary is one of the most holy people in the history of the church and that even I think it was palm leaves bowed down at her presence and yeh this might help, yeh so Biii.
    C ya tomoz at church (hello everyone else reading this, btw we go to the same church)
    [move]hahaha C YA[/move]
  • HEYY lol ibelongtojesus,  yeppp we go to the same church lol, see u tomoz lol

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