Prayers for Important Life Decision

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Hi everyone, I'm in need of a lot of prayers, especially in the next few days as I solidify my choice of a career. I'm considering whether to spend 2 more years to become a public high school teacher (which I would truly love) or to graduate one year early but enroll into a law school (which I never thought about until a thought came to me just a few days ago, but I'd be pretty content with that I think). Whatever decision I make would be unchangeable at least for two years and thus I ask for all your prayers. If anyone has any experience with law school and could also give me any suggestions or anything I would very much appreciate that. I have around a week to make a decision so I'm under a lot of stress.


  • May God be with you and help you in every decision you make.. Just remember that no matter what you choose make sure you love that career and are willing to spend years working in it
  • May the Lord guide you!
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