Editor Wanted

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As you all know I write stuff and things. I had an editor but she is really busy and I don't like to wait. I am asking if there is anyone who would like to help out in my future work with the editing aspect. If yes just tell me what kind of experience you have, education and or experience in general. thanks


  • I'm a friend of GODlovesme and I'm pretty much the same except I've completed my Bachelor's program in History and need to finish up some gen-ed classes to get the official degree. Though my expertise is not in English, I've written enough research papers (last minute too may I add) and received all A's that I might be able to assist a bit. Youssie (GODlovesme) and I might be able to help you out together if possible. Though I might just need a little time here and there since I'm a full-time student and part-time worker.
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