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In the name of the Holy Father, and the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit, One God Amen

Selam everyone

I haven't taken Holy Communion since February and a lot of times everytime i try to i feel like something happens that makes me stop.
I have been trying to take Holy Communion and last week when i tried to i didn't because i didn't feel ready and connected to God so i thought i'd try to take it next week(2moro). I still don't feel close to God as I should and don't feel like i repented with my heart because i didn't feel anything change in my heart when praying. So my spiritual life right now is not at its high right now. DO i have to wait until i feel ready or should i just take it? I am scared because Holy Communion is not a joke. I now i'm thinking maybe i should take it next week, God Willing, at the end of this fast making sure that i prepare my self more stricter, God Willing. But who knows whats going to happen b4 then...Thank God that i am here again  without anything happening to me. What should i do???HELP ME

May God give you His wisdom to answer this question according to His Holiest Will

May the LORD have mercy on us all sinners among whom i am first


  • look. this how the Satan fight and thats his job so just talk to ur FOC, pray and go fo it tomorrow

    plz pry for my weakness
  • you're right...communion is very serious.. but how do you expect to grow in christ if you don't have him in you ?
    you've confessed and taken every "technical" step before communion, so i think the only thing left is to ask God with all your heart to make you worthy of communion, as there is nothing any of us can do on our own to become worthy of communion, only he can make us worthy, and take it tomorrow....

  • my priest told us a story once about a monk who was always waiting to be ready to take Holy Communion, the monk would wait week after week saying "When I become holy then I will receive communion, because I am not worthy now" and so on. When an elderly monk knew this he told the monk, "How can you be holy without receiving the Holy One?" we can not be holy by ourselves, we need God's grace and we will never be worthy to receive Holy Communion, but we have to always be repentant and always examining ourselves and asking God to make us worthy as we say in the Divine Liturgy.

    please pray for me and my weakness
  • did you know that pope kirollos the sixth  .. had over 25,000+ liturgies during his life ... which is out of about 30,000 days ..

    do the math
  • Hi,

    No one will ever be "worthy" to take the Holy Communion- just read the prayer that is supposed to be said before Communion at the back of the agpeya. That prayer is supposed to encourage repentance and to humble ourselves before Christ, acknowledging our sins. The Orthodox Church has guidelines that tell us when we should not partake such as when we are fighting with someone, but don't worry if you feel "unworthy" because that is the right thing to feel  ;)
  • i agree with these points. i usually feel ok when i get into the queue (line in american english) but then just before i am about to take it i often get a bit scared and have to take a big breath before i go for it!
    so it's normal not to feel worthy.
    what's dangerous is when u keep behaving badly towards God with no intention to stop sinning, don't repent and then just take communion in order to look good to other people.
    i don't think this is your case, so once u have spoken to your FOC, just take it.

    in some churches, as we know the Holy Body and Blood are treated really casually, and that's wrong. but in other churches they go to the other extreme and people hardly ever take communion.
    u know, God is not up there waiting with a big stick. He really loves us and can't wait to get closer to us, He does everything to keep us walking with Him and is not trying to catch us out with some tiny rule we can break without knowing it.

    in the 800s and after there was a time in the catholic and some eastern orthodox churches where people hardly ever took Holy communion.
    then once the real purpose of going to church was gone, people started treating church as a social club. they thought were not worthy to take communion anyway so stopped trying. these churches had to work hard to get back on track and remind people that church is about each person's spiritual life.

    Holy communion is a blessing God is longing to give u. none of us are worthy of it, He just requires repentance and a willingness to work at living a Holy life.
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