What comes first-the church or Christ.

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What should we focus our time on more than the other? Learning more about God or more about the Coptic Church. I have grown up in a small church which has not taught me anything about either topic. All it provided was a liturgy every now and then. Which one should I seek first in order to grow?


  • You should focus on learning more about God through the Coptic Church...

    ie. Through the 7 sacraments of the church.
  • Good answer!
  • gust123,

    The Bible says very deliberately:

    'Seek ye the Kingdom of God'


    'Love God with all of your heart, and with all of your mind, and with all of your soul.'

    The Coptic Church is the means and the 'ship' that leads us to God.

    There is a ratio in both that has to be achieved for spiritual growth.
  • 1 can not work without the other ...
  • read the Bible every day and ask questions of your priest or some older person in church.
    i hope yr questions will remind everyone of the need to stay close to God.
    read any book by hh shenouda or tadros malaty and also other books from our church.
    try to read a little every day, and download spiritual songs from this website, and you will find that yr spiritual life is growing.
    most of all, repent of yr sins to God, confess to the priest, and ask God to fill u so that u are always close to Him.
  • but .. what is the different .. without one of them you are not a christian .
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  • as a cgristian u r suposed to learn God and to know God, the church is just a method to know him.  Without the church its next to impossible to get to know god.

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