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So can someone explain where we get the throwing water on people rule?

and what does it symbolize?


  • i assume you mean the Holy water after mass, not water pistols in the summer when we are children!
    i think it's from psalm 50; 'cleanse me with hyssop and i will be clean' and symbolises that we have taken part in the Holy Body and Blood of our Lord, who cleanses us from our sin.
  • Wiki provides a brief introduction..

    It is a remembrance and renewal of our baptism.

    Father Peter
  • From what I was taught it is the equivalent to the sprinkling of the blood of the lamb of the Old Testament sacrifice.  The Sacrifice of Our Lord is a bloodless sacrifice and the water being sprinkled gives the same equivalence in ritual.
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  • lol hahahahahah [quote author=DimyanCoptic link=topic=9493.msg117079#msg117079 date=1280195374]
    A friend of mine once made a funny joke about this.

    My church priest was telling us how when the church was still small, they would annoint everyone with the water, but thank God the church has grown, and they had to start throwing it. so my friend goes "lol, here! catch!"

    i found it amusing... lol
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