Intro to Coptic Church YouTube Video / YouTube Collab!

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Anyone have a good video to show to people as an introduction to the Coptic Church, maybe also talking about the persecution and miracles/apparitions?

If not, anyone want to make a YouTube collab?!  ;D


  • hey that's a great idea... I've been thinking of making a few videos... in the process of shooting a couple now... but they are are all I what I can do is make a whole series on the Coptic church, but just get me the information and we can go forward, and would you like it as a v-log or what... I have video editors and videographers, so that would be good we can start on this!

    neshkor Allah benakhod el baraka!
  • Hey

    I was thinking that maybe we set up an outline of things we want to talk about in the video like:

    - Basics about Copts (language, nationality)
    - Origins of the church
    - Current status of the church
    - Traditions and culture
    etc, etc,
    and then each person from who wants to participate claims a topic and shoots a vlog or audio narration + filming of whatever describing the topic based on what they wrote for it.

    Then someone puts it all together and uploads it and we share it with all our friends or people we want to educate about the coptic church.
  • Great idea!! but i think all videos should go through Abouna Peterm or someone who knows what they're talking about (hi minagir) so we dont just start makin stuff up!

  • Something like this?
  • Doh, those guys stole our idea!

    Lol, thanks PopeKyrillos haha the video was just what I was looking for.
  • [quote author=PopeKyrillos link=topic=9478.msg117089#msg117089 date=1280205008]

    Something like this?

  • you want it like video/audio ...
    or just words and music ...
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