Philly Book Competition 2010

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so im a pretty social guy, and i would like to meet some new people to talk to about Christ, discuss quite times/ readings, and have good Christian fellowship with. Meeting new people is kind of a hobby of mine  :D

So i was wondering if anyone here is going to the Philly Book Competition on August 14th, and if so, what book are you reading??

Pray for me,



  • I will be there i will be reading case for faith... probably sitting right next to you :D
  • Hey Chris! You sound like a great guy! I would love to get to know you. I'll meet you at church this weekend and we can talk about the books!

    And I'll probably be driving you to Philly :)
  • Hey! i can't wait to meet you guys! im sooooooooooo exited!! :D
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