Re: I hate my voice

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God cares about whats in ur heart not how well u can sing, im rly sad for u that u missed ke perto. Get to learning it its amazing.

Here is a little story from the desert fathers i think:

There was this group of monks who always prayed tasbha together and one of them had the wrost off tune voice any of them had ever heard, so one day he couldnt make it to tasbeha and they. Were all so so happy that they could pray without his voice. After they finished tasbha an angel appeared to th abbot And said why havent u done a tasbha today? The abbot responded saying we did all our voices were loud and beautiful! He said no, you didnt bec God didnt hear the monk that always sings from his heart![/quote]

Hahaha wow...I didn't see ur post before I posted mine since we have kind of the same stories. Sorry I didn't see that post before lol  And u put the story waaaaaayyyyyyy better than I did. Anyways thx and God bless!
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