Psalms-which version should I learn

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As an English as first langauge man I was brought up on the KJV of the bible learning one or two psalms from that version.

Since I became Orthodox I find a bewildering choice of translations.I have a copy of the Agpeya that uses the NKJV which I rather favour personally.

So one for you all (Fr P I did pm you about this!) what version should I stick to privately?

I love this site and ask you to pray for me.



  • there is also a Septuagint translation which is in the Orthodox Study Bible. the Septuagint is a more accurate translation so you may like it better
  • i would stick to NKJ and according to ilovesaintmark, the KJ is good for the psalms considering its old english words that may sound better. but i think both are fine.

    The new Orthodox Study Bible Septuagint, to me, is acceptable....but i doubt you would want to have it as a primary source. I am not an expert but i think it's better used as a "Study Bible" as it is named. it is a accurate Septuagint translation but still does not fully match our Coptic translation of the psalms that is also from the Septuagint.
  • Dear Aidan

    I am sure I replied, because I went and dug out a load of the versions I have. I am sorry if you never got my message.

    I think I said that it didn't matter so much, as long as you found a version that was easy to memorise and had a certain poetry about it.

    I bought a version called the Grail Psalms, which is an RC version I think, but it comes in an attractive leatherette pocket edition, and I wanted something to carry around with me. I am not so sure that when it comes to memorising the most important thing is absolute accuracy rather than that poetic quality that allows the words to be remembered.

    The Psalms I have memorised seem to be KJV versions. Blessed is the man... Be merciful to me O Lord... Praise the Lord all ye nations.

    But I guess the main thing would be to stick with a version so that the vocabulary is consistent in our head.

    Father Peter
  • Minagir, spoke on my behalf well.  He has my thoughts from previous posts.

    I just really like the poetic aspect of the the KJV.  For some reason, I even find it easier to memorize the verses than in other versions--I do not know why.

    Just my own proclivity. 
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