Hello Peoples

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Hey guys im new here.. i feel rather old though i guess i'll be contributing grandma advice. The forum teta if you will. :-\


  • Hey yaswho, it's great to have you with us. Teta advice eh? Oo, this should be good. Tetas rule!!! :D :D
  • i luv teta advice. long live tetas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss my teta :'(
  • Welcome Grandma....awesome brethren here..... and we all need advice from wise people. Please share.... "Teta"? I know what it means in Arabic but I am blushing what it means in Spanish.... :-[...... Lord Jesus Christ, Son fo the Living God, have mercy on me , a sinner. Amen.
  • I miss my teta also.

    If mothers are saints, tetas are angels.
  • Welcome Teta, cant wait to hear some of ur advice... definately need it! :)

    By the way guys, this is Mariam304... decided to change the username...

    God Bless EVERYONEEEE,
  • WELCOM i say the older the wiser , its great to have an older member among us ! long live tetas esspecialy the cooking skills!

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