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Dear all,
Please watch this link:
You will realise the biased view of the presenter, and indeed the whole crew of BBC Arabic in different topics. The e-mail is:
Suggested letter to complain about that particular program below:
Dear Sir/ Madam

I write to complain about the recent documentary on the Arabic BBC called in Arabic “Mala Yokal-Matanaseroon” which means “What cannot be Said, converts to Christianity” in English. The documentary was aired on Saturday 22 May after 9PM news GMT and was repeated on Thursday 27th May at same time.

While I was pleased and encouraged by BBC Arabic paying attention to the plight of the converts from Islam and the suffering they and their families in the Middle East, I was disappointed to see that this program damages the BBC’s reputation of being honest and impartial.

1-The presenter Mr Omar Abdel Razik did not visit well known cases of converts who were imprisoned without charge under the emergency law for no reason other than conversion from Islam to Christianity, they are many, for example Mr Bahaa Elakkad 57y who was jailed in harsh condition and was torured for 18 months
Or Gaser Mohammed Mahmoud who was locked up in mental hospital for converting from Islam.

Indeed there are tens of cases
which show the government of Egypt is leading and inspiring the persecution of converts and is the main obstacle to freedom of religion. 

2- Mr Omar Abdel Razik while trying to blame the Coptic priest for attacking Islam, he did not say any thing about Muslim preachers who attack Christian faith on the national Egyptian TV, newspapers and in thousands of books which litter the streets of Cairo sold at subsidised prices under the nose of the Egyptian police with one purpose, attacking Christianity, some of these books are printed by Al-Azhar mosque and paid for by Muslim AND Christian tax payers. Please refer to the last paragraphs in this page from Al-Azhar official web site to see example of hate incited by Al-Azhar mosque, again, paid for by Muslim AND Christian tax payers:

3- When the Muslim guest made allegations that the Christian missionaries go to the Middle East under the guise of food or treatment while Islamic missionaries do not do that, this statement was extremely biased because the Islamic missionaries are not threatened to be killed or imprisoned and there is no laws against there preaching while Christian missionaries in the Islamic countries risk being killed or imprisoned by the local laws or the Muslim mobs who can kill them with impunity. I am certain Mr Omar Abel-Razik is aware of that because of his background therefore his presentation was biased.

I expected your TV presenter to be well informed of the facts prior to the interview. I expect a full investigation from the BBC into why the points I alluded to above and look forward to the BBC addressing all the imbalances in the presentation by further episode which addresses the points I raised.

Yours sincerely

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