something i watched on elmaqar

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i just went to and i think it was a water liturgy and the priest just stopped praying the prayers and said about 6-10 times ya kadaba (you liar). has anyone seen this and if you have can you explain it?

and when he was spraying the water him and christ healing someguy who was possesed by a demon


  • the guy probably wasn't possessed and abouna got upset. If u could post the link maybe i could figure out.


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  • i'm with geomike, please post a link
  • i cant post a link of the specific episode because the website streams random coptic shows and saint movies the website is
  • try looking for it in the "on demand"
  • You won't find it on demand because it wasn't a service in the church. It was probably a saint movie where the saint is casting out a demon, but I didn't see the movie so I couldn't tell you which saint it was.
  • Its probably abouna Makari.
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