the illuminati and the new world order- under lucifer

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I am sure many of you have heard about the Illuminati and the new world order under lucifer- and how Jay z and many other famous people are associated with this and about the back of the single dollar bill and all the monuments in Dc and all over major cities.  a lot of this is seen in the dan brown things and the national treasurer. 
The plan for the new world order seems to be identical to what is described as the last hours according to revelations.
i just wanted to hear some thoughts and discussions about this and what you think


  • all i know is that I have authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and all the power of the enemy.
  • there probably is some sort of new world order that will happen, but it's all too easy to waste a lot of time reading about it.
    a lot of the people who believe in the illuminati either believe in aliens (i have seen their website) or believe that the jews are going to take over the world and are using the illuminati as a smoke-screen (from my muslim friend!)
    growing your own veg and recycling more are sensible approaches, selling yr car coz of too many 6s in the number-plate and withrawing your savings from the bank and stuffing them into the mattress are not!

    i like LifeLightWayTruth's post, also remember proverbs 3: 5-6:
    trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.
    find out about Jesus, believe in God, learn much in church, love your neighbours (and your enemies) and spread the good news of our Saviour's future return in glory.
    no power in heaven or earth will stand against Him!
  • the people who need to worry about this are the people who follow the world but to us it means nothing

    to us, the devil is like a dog tied down with a chain by God, he can only bite us in one of two conditions

    1. we willingly go close to him
    2. God allows it and looses the chain by a bit (but still tied down) for our benefit (like what happened with Job)

    so, nothing to worry about... not even worth our time to look into it... (i realized this after spending a few hours with this topic on youtube... time wasted that i will never get back)
  • I believe that the theories of the New World Order are a creation of Satan to set man against man.
    Why else would someone try to stop the creation of an order which is based on respect and love for eople no matter where they are from?
  • A very good book to read about the money symbols and MANY OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS is 1776, by David McCullough.  It's fascinating history of the USA and includes lots of information about why certain things were chosen.
  • Here is my personal take. I have read up on Illuminati and Freemasonry and what not. There is alot of speculation and falsehoods. I do however find Freemasonry to be very dangerous. They do have ritual ceremonies, which technically makes them religious. They have creeds and prayers. The most dangerous thing to me is this: they accept all religions as being from the same God. My take on this is simple, today we see everyone and everything preaching this "worldly gospel" of unity and prosperity.

    We see the world economic system unifying. We see the world social structure unifying to create one identifiable culture. We see many people and organizations pushing for the same thing in religion. I hear many people say, "we all worship the same God" which quite frankly is not true, no offense to anyone here, but scripture and church tradition teach otherwise. Freemasonry is just another piece of the puzzle. People such as Aleister Crowley, who was heavily involved with organizations such as these is also part of the puzzle writing in his book, "The Book of the Law" that "do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." There are many musicians who sing about this that we listen to today. Many famous people and political leaders view Crowley as some sort of messiah. In a sense they are right, he pretty much revived what is known as "magik" and paganism, and sought to destroy Christianity.

    Again this is based off my research, and it is just a conclusion that I have come to. I accept the fact that it could be wrong.
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