Where is God?

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I have a paradox i want to be cleared up
-so darkness is not its own entity, but rather the lack of light
-evil is defined the same way, but as the lack of good(God)
-but how is this possible if God is omnipresent?
-is it like noise-cancelling headphones where the sound exists but something is opposing it, making the sound seemingly non-existent- still there but not received

what is your take/interpretation on this?

fyi-noise cancelling headphones work by producing a sound with the opposite of the outside noise, cancelling the noise and making quiet- for the wearer 


  • This is a very good question. I will try to answer you as best as I can. God is Omnipresent, meaning that He is everywhere all at the same time, However, evil is not a place; rather it is a state. You cannot say that a certain place in itself is evil. That would not make any sense. Therefore, your analogy is flawed. Hope this helped!

    God bless
  • Hey, this is how I see it with my eyes. In a sunny day, there's a lot of light, which you can simply deny by closing your eyes. This is how it is with God, if you deny him you find evil around you. Hope I'm right and helped you.

    May God bless us.
  • Hi

    I will post H.H Pope Shenoudas meditation on the light and darkness found in the book "the release of the spirit"

    O Lord, You did not say, 'Let there be no darkness' but You said, 'Let there be light' and there was light, but the
    darkness remained and both existed together..Why did You not put an end to the darkness since You found that the light was good? Why did You keep it? Why did You give it a name? And why did You give it power as You said, "But this is your hour, and the power of darkness" !

    Why did You not make all the times day and light being Yourself the true Light, the unapproachable Light! Why did
    You allow the darkness to exist and be loved by people ' rather than the light? You could have abolished the darkness entirely as if it had not come into existence or could have prevented its existence... Yet, You let it be though it does not conform with Your nature. For what reason did You do that?

    You let the tares and the wheat grow together until the time of harvest when the tares would be burnt.. Does the
    darkness also have time in which it will end?, at which time the sons of light will live in the light which they were unable to approach while they were in the darkness? But is it not true that the wicked will remain for ever in the outer darkness?

    Then the outer darkness is also eternal! but certainly it is outside the heavenly Jerusalem, far from God's children and a
    deep pit separates them..When did the darkness come into being? "..darkness was on the face of the deep". This was in the very beginning of creation, before God said, "Let there be light"! Since when then?

    When God was alone in eternity, there was no darkness because there was nothing at all.. God was alone.. and He is
    Light.. Then the darkness came into being? When did this take place?, and how?, and for what reason? Please God,
    give me an answer for I do not know...Did darkness precede light in the process of creation? What is the relation between this and the theory of nebula? No doubt light came first.. while darkness-as a physical phenomenon came
    into being as a result of the effect of the heat of the solar system on the face of the deep.. Thus, the vast waters
    evaporated quickly and this formed a thick layer of mist which veiled the light of the nebula.. So, there was darkness...
    However I do not like to think in such a material way but I shall meditate on the light in a spiritual way as I ought to do... “..darkness was on the face of the deep".. This means that there was the deep. (ie. the waters), the earth and the darkness..Neither the earth nor the waters knew God.. was darkness ignorance concerning God?

    The Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters but the waters did not recognise Him; was that what the apostle meant by saying, "And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it" (John. 1:5)? Then God said, "Let there be light" and there was light.. Was that light” the motive behind the beautiful verse which says, "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork." (Ps. 19:1) ? Was that the first light that entered into the world? But though it existed, the darkness did not end.. Why then was there darkness? O Lord, I do want to know.. Please let me understand.. Enlighten my mind and my heart to grasp Your words which give life...

    There are other lights as well.. The sun, the moon and the stars are said to be lights..; the Lord said to His disciples, "You are the light of the world", the Son (God Incarnate) is Light out of Light, He dwelt among us and we beheld His glory.. The Father whom no one has ever seen is then the unapproachable, Light.. Man's acceptance of God's action within him is called enlightenment.. Good in general is called light; righteousness, wisdom and knowledge are called lights as well.. In the beginning God created the light as a physical substance recognised by the senses... and God saw that the light was good.. But this light was the inferior degree of light, for there is another light which works in the living creation until it finds the person who can, through the Spirit, attain God Himself.. What is the nature of such light found in all kinds of plants and animals? How do they differ from the inanimate creation and surpass it? What is the relation of this creation with God before and after the creation of man ? God is the Light; He pours from His light upon the nature to be illuminated, and upon the mind, the soul, the senses and the spirit to have light.. But their light comes from the abundance of His light not from the essence of His light.. The same can be said concerning life.. God is the life..; He gave life to His creation, but this life is from His abundance not from His essence.. God is also an intellect and Spirit.., He gave man intellect and spirit as a gift of His abundance not of His essence... and so on..

    But why did God see that the light was good? That is because it conforms to His nature... God is the Light and no
    darkness is in Him.. nor does He exist in the darkness otherwise it will be light.. Moreover, those who submit to darkness, will be cast into the outer darkness which means, will be far from enjoying God's presence..

    Now, I'd like to ask, since God has divided the light from the darkness, how did it enter into man? How did it take a firm
    hold of him? How did man come to love it rather than the light? I leave the answer to these questions and the like to the
    meditation of everyone of us...
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