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hey anyone know where i could get a good arabic font that works on XP.


  • i'll ask my couzin 4 u George.. he did it on my computer but i don't get how it works.. i want it tooo.. so i'll get back w/ u when i get the chance to ask him..

    Rina ;)
  • any answers guys?
  • Sorry G.J.I.
    I tried to post earlier, but it failed. Here is how to do it. You need to go thru 4 steps:
    1) Install Arabic in windows
    2) Enable Switching between arabic and English in windows
    3) Enabling office to do arabic.
    4) Enabling numbers in office.
    Here I go, sorry this is gonna be long.

    1) Install arabic in windows.
    a) Go to start->settings->control panel
    b) Go to "Regional options" (you might have to switch to "classic view" for that)
    c) Under the "General" tab, click on "Arabic"
    d) Click "Apply" (you might have to restart if prompted)

    2) Enable switching between arabic and english in windows
    a) Go thru steps 'a' and 'b' above
    b) Go to "Input locales" tab
    c) Click "add" and select "Arabic [Egypt]
    d) Make sure English is Default
    e) Click ok (again, you might need to restart If prompted)

    3) Enabling office to do arabic.
    a) Go to start->programs->Microsoft Office Tools (or Microsoft office->Microsoft office tools depending on your version of office)
    b) Select arabic, (again make sure English is the default)
    c) Make sure all office applications are closed
    d) Click "ok"

    4) Enabling numbers in office.
    a) Open word
    b) Click Tools->options
    c) Click "right to left" or "Complex Script" depending on your version of office.
    d) on the bottom of that screen, There will be an option for "Numerals" or "Numbers". In the drop down menu select "Context".
    e) Click ok. and you should be done.

    This will add an icon on the bottom right hand corner to your taskbar next to the time with "EN" in it, this is where you can select arabic. Also, in word there will be two buttons to switch between right to left and left to right.

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions, send me a text message.
  • omg thnx soooooooo much.. that help and it turned out that i already have the programs installed.. so thnx again.. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALLLL!! :-* :-* :-*

    Rina ;)
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