How should i learn pekethronos

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i have been listening to it over and over again and got about the first 30 sec down. but how have some of you learned it? please share


  • The same way I learn any other hymn - listen, repeat, repeat, repeat, listen some more, repeat, listen, repeat... etc.  ;D

    pray for me

  • Good luck bro!

    If you have an iPod, or iPhone, just put it on repeat, and listen to it over and over and over and over and over again.

  • Hi,

    It took me years to learn that hymn. I taught myself by listening to recordings of it many times. The hymn is 18 minutes but there is a small trick that can help you. There are many repetitions within the hymn. The "ente" part is the same tune as "A" (the first A in Alleluia). There are many other parts that are repeated. I suggest you take a look at the hazzat to see where the repetitions are. Try this link. I couldn't follow these hazzat, but at least it's a start:

    Good luck.
  • Apart from the listening and repetition, I'd recommend that you use the 3 C's:

    1) Contemplation (think about the words, their meaning and the nature of the tune that you're reciting)
    2) Concentration (learn in an environment that you can focus, without any distractions)
    3) Companion (if you can find someone to help you learn in your church)

    In addition to these, you can try the 4th C - Classes :D
    There should be a series of lessons recorded for Pekethronos on the HCOC site at (if you haven't been using this resource already of course)

    Good luck, and God bless your efforts in learning,
  • I learned it in a couple days and did it by taking an online class here:

    Just go to the pascha section and you will find it.

    hope it helps!
    God bless
  • I learn my hymns with a paper that has the hazzats written on them. i will upload it and give you the link in just a sec
  • I have another story about this hymn. When I was young I was sitting with our church’s deacons before the holy week each year repeating all of the Holy week and resurrection hymns. So after couple years I sit with one deacon for just one hour, he showed me where the repetitions within the hymn are!
  • I disagree with everyone.

    You start by reading the Psalm in the vernacular for you.  Dwell on it for a while.  Contemplate on it.  Even write a meditation
    as to the glory of this particular chant.

    Learn it from a cantor at the church.  Do not learn it by digital recordings.

    The chants can be uplifting prayers, and they can be double-edged swords that can slice your head off from one pass
    and your soul on the return pass.
  • oh
    gergezzat u can give him the AWESOME Program you made that helps you learn hymns

    BTW, i still use it till this day, thank you so much ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  • this brogram is bimping  :D i love it thanks god bless
  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=9164.msg113906#msg113906 date=1272491176]
    Learn it from a cantor at the church.  Do not learn it by digital recordings.

    May I ask why?

    [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=9164.msg113906#msg113906 date=1272491176]
    The chants can be uplifting prayers, and they can be double-edged swords that can slice your head off from one pass
    and your soul on the return pass.

    Do you mind describing what you mean by this?
  • the_least,

    A chant from the Coptic Orthodox Church is a prayer.  You do not learn prayers from digital recordings.  Digital recordings are supplements but they cannot be the primary source.  A good cantor or mentor will walk you through a very interesting spiritual process.  If the process is not instilled then a person opens himself to the rancor of the devil.  The ensuing issue becomes pride.  Pride leads to:


    This is the simplified answer. 
  • This is not always the case, like in my church we didn't have any muallims (hymn teachers) so i had to learn most of the things i know from the computer
  • It is just my opinion.  My opinion is based on observation.  It is not meant to insult.  There is a profound aspect to the chants.  It requires an extreme discipline.
  • I think what ilovesaintmark is also trying to say is that you, as a deacons who wants to learn hymns, you must be really really wanting and DESIRING to learn by yourself, with recordings and no muallem. no one will learn hymns if he doesn't want to even if you bring to him muallem Mikhael himself from the grave to him....
  • Thanks minagir--that's another point--consistent motivation.
  • May you please kindly describe to me what the process consists of. When I learned hymns from older deacons (not cantors because we don't have any) the focus was on when the hymn is said, maybe some "taqs" here and there and the hymn itself.

    Is this the process or is there more to it that I missed out on?

    I don't think it's the simple fact of learning it from a cantor but rather the gathering of deacons together to learn it. The is what "Church" is all about, and this is what the word "Church" means: gathering. Correct or no?
  • to be honest, it might not be a good idea to learn Pekethronos now.  First of all we are in the Holy 50 Days and we are suppose to be rejoicing in the Resurrection of the Lord.  Second, even if you learn it now, we wont actually say it in church for another year, so you will probably forget it by Holy Week next year.  Third, you should be IN the season!! How can you go outside in the summer with a winter coat on?? it doesnt make sense and you will end up missing the true meaning of the season!
    so my advice is for you to wait until the Great Lent next year, and take some alhan classes at your church to help you learn it.  That way you will be IN the season and feeling the season of the church.  And you WILL learn it, its not hard to learn just make sure you listen to it over, and over, and over! lol

    God Bless, please pray for me and my weakness
  • Ok so right now I am learning Pi Epnevma for Pentecost, and it really helps to write your own hazzat
  • ilovesaintmark, I am eager to hear your response. I really want to know because now I am one who hands down hymns to kids, and I don't want to fall short in doing this.
  • Ya, i agree with abanoub, writing down the hazzat yourself helps in learning and memorizing the hymn.
  • You do not just teach the hymn, you have to teach the prayer that is hymned (chanted).
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