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hello all,
I have 3 sisters, respectively 1, 2, and 3--oldest to youngest. there is an issue between 2 and 3.

2 gets extremely jealous from the 3 so she goes into her room and rips out pages from her diary that she thinks is about her (and 3 came to me for help)... when i confronted 2 about it she said that she didnt classify it as 'stealing'. I want to tell her that what she is doing is wrong but she just doesnt understand what the bible is teaching AT ALL, she flips it all around. For example, she refers to acquiring the virtue of patience through waiting for her to get ready as she does her hair. she hits people and tells the person "who cares, anba so and so got hit by the devil so it doesnt matter if you get hit, its just a body". I just dont know how to deal with such a person. As an older sibling, I don't think its right . I think its really cunning to go into someone's room in the first place and read someone's diary in the first place let alone rip out pages and take them with her. How do I say that to her? What should I do? 3  is really feeling the worst not only having her diary read but finding pages of her life ripped out. I dont keep a diary but she started crying in front of me telling me that all her life was in it so it must have been special to her.

i tried to put myself in the shoes of 3 and thought if i had written a page about my life not meant to be read by anyone else and found it read and gone, i would be extremely uneasy and would want to hide all my stuff, but the reality is why would i hide it from someone that i am supposed to trust but makes it so hard to trust her? well that was my empathy anyway. i hope you still remember what i wrote in the beginning, that 2 is jealous from 3. thats the root of the problem i think, and i see it everyday, there was a huge issues before associated with the jealously of 2. but again, I dont know how to deal with that. any advice would be good, especially from someone who might have experienced this issue. Thanks.


  • Hey,
    All I can say is that 2 is not displaying good behaviour for 3, seeing 2 is older than 3. Of course it is not any good and does no one any good by reading and ripping out pages from anyone's diary; its private and confidential. How old are 2 and 3?

    2 is clearly not showing healthy Christian thoughts and if she is heading into adulthood, I don't think this thought pattern will produce healthy Christian living at all. Maybe talk to her confession father about it so he could help her think rationally.

    2 is the only one that can rid herself of jealousy from her sister, I am sure you want to help but its all up to her to let go of the sin of envy. All you can do is pray all you have and talk with your abouna about this issue before it escalates.

    I'll post more later.

    This situation is in my prayers. God be with you, take care.
  • Focus on your salvation, and pray. Do not concern yourself with the spirituality of others, this is God's role.
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