Voting in the Orthodox Christian Thought?

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I'll start in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

Hi Guys

I have never taken an interest in politics though now i am old enough to vote, I have been taking notice of politics and i have considered backing a particular party though my mind raises a few issues......

On the one hand should we as Christians stay out of the politics of our country, such as who should be president or prime minister and view it as beyond our responsibilitys?

considering that we should not take an active interest in affecting the leadership of the world, as they may be seen as tools in the hand of the god of the world, and we do not put our trust in men and the policies of men, believing God has a purpose which will unfold as we sit back.


Should we aim to take careful consideration of who we feel will try their best to change the country we live in for the better?

as God has given us minds to weigh up situations and hearts to consider what we can do to actively affect situation, and if we truly believe a particular political party will perform better than another should we seek to increase our knowledge of politics in the aim of making a more informed decision in our society

I thank all who read this post and wait prayerfully for your responses

Glory to the Lord Jesus Our God Forever


  • You should read Anba Youssef of the Southern Diocese articles on that issue. Here are the links and a little sample:

    Anba Youssef:
    Registering to vote is a Christian obligation. It is the first step in the process of being self-responsible in electing a leader whether locally, state-wide, or nationally. It takes approximately ten minutes, with an online application that can be mailed in to your designated registration district or returned online. Everyone is encouraged to register to vote insomuch as they then can be eligible to vote for a capable leader that most adheres to the Christian principles and doctrines that are upheld by our beloved Coptic Orthodox Church.

    As Coptic Orthodox citizens heavily populate large metropolitan areas in the United States, it is conceivable that one day Coptic political leaders will emerge that will need the votes of their Christian brethrens. Only through good conscience, spiritually based decision making, and active participation in electing the leaders of the government that determine our laws and ensure that...
    Continue reading from the link, hope this helps
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