Express Mass? Are you being serious??



  • I think I would say that the word "quality", in this case, as a loose word to describe the opposite of:  slurred readings (which becomes distracting), excessive running around (which becomes distracting), portions excluded (necessary for focus), doing other tasks (not liturgical that are distracting and show lack of focus), cell phones being answered during the Liturgy, constantly looking at the watch/clock, sounding like Alvin & the Chipmunks while doing the responses in order to try to finish faster, as well as a list of other things.
  • hey ilovestmark, y alvin and the chipmunks - weve started to miss responses all 2gether to make people happy!

    I learnt one thing in life, if you want no one 2 care, just cheapen the product and thats what is unfortunately happening today!

    This tells me there is fundamentally wrong with people conducting the liturgy if they are rushing and omitting components of the liturgy .having said that............ there will always be destractions around you but pray to stay focused .
    Tolerating alterations of th liturgy had lead to the arise of a religion called "tehadso "  an autonomous "church " which claims to be orthodox tewahdo without a lengthy liturgy and omitting some of the important traditions of our church .This has appealed to some youth especially those who were born here in the united states .one member of the tehadso (which means reform or renaissance)told me it would be nice if they gave communioun in a drive through church .He said it jokingly but that is where they are heading for sure.
  • Axum,

    I understand your point of view, but I do not fully agree with you.  I would rather that there is a condensed Liturgy for the weekdays, not so much "express" or "drive-through".  There is a distinction.

    In the Coptic Church, there are the Chanted Litanies to the saints, i.e., the "hiteni".  One may do 2-4, but not necessarily 15.  The Gospel can be read or chanted in one language instead of 2 or 3.  People may be invited to follow along in the equivalent translation.

    These examples, along with others, allow for a condensed Liturgy, but not necessarily an "express spiritual trip".

    I hope you get my gist.
  • What Selah spoke of initially was concerning 'missing the hiteni's' altogether,ilovestmark are you telling me that excluding portions is 'necessary for focus?' HOW?? They also wrote that they didn't think that a fast mass helps as much as a normally lengthed one (3 hrs), so why say "slurred mass"?

    ilovestmark, you have said that people sound like chipmunks trying to finish faster, yet you have said it doesnt matter if the mass is fast? Which is it?

    Condensed, express, drivethrough is all the same thing. Like me saying I spoke with mum instead of talked to mum. Same thing. Its about skipping parts of a mass that make it a mass and that are traditions passed from generation to generation from our fathers of the church, like St Mark!
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