For God's Glory

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I know that everything we do we are supposed to do for God's glory, such as
-trying hard in school because he has put that situation before us
-acting in a way that would draw people to the Christian faith
-being humble
-etc etc

but how should we pray for success or use success for his glory, specifically for things that are a competition
i feel selfish asking God to accompany me or send a saint to help me to win  and do well in whatever competition i am in.
-for example- i say a quick prayer before my basketball games, and usually through out the game.  but sometimes it seems selfish when i am praying for something to make my team win
-or on an issue i will face real soon- i am in a speech competition-model un- and of course i want to win something and do well, but how can i turn that success or dominance(God willing) into something that glorifies God without doing it selfishly


  • I think that as long as you pray to God from your heart, and that your prayers aren't only requests for help, then you are not doing anything wrong. But make sure its in context: you might thank God because his arms are always open and he gives you a second chance when you fall in sin. Pray for success by all means, but pray that God does his will also: "Lord, if it is your will, please help me in such and such a competition.

    The best way to glorify God is perhaps to give an example of him to the world. Be the light of the world, the salt of the eart, so that when people see you doing your good works, they praise your Father in heaven.

    pray for me

  • i agree. also u can say, Lord, please help me to honour you in this competition, become more like you and share you with others. then be ready to win humbly or loose graciously, as God wills. it is not in winning or loosing we become more like God, but by being in contact with others, we give them a chance to see Jesus, and we give ourselves a chance to become more like Him.
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