Nayrouz songs/ hymns

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Hey, Ekhristos Anesty
Sorry for troubling you all once again.
I am looking for 4/5 Nayrouz songs/ hymns for young ones.

Before this I searched the forum and found "Sons of Martys" lyrics but not the audio. Any directions would be appreciated.
Here are the opening lyrics:
"We are the sons of martyrs, we are so full of faith;
Our church is victorious, it's the church of the brave.
In Jerusalem martyrs, faithful to our Lord;
He Who died for us, we shed for Him our blood..."

I have Brighten Up of course on my mind so I need about 3 more.

I remember one in Arabic:
"Om el shohoda ya kinisty
Ya fakhr lekol al agyal..."
But I have forgotten how the tune goes and I can't find it anywhere. Any help/ ideas regarding this would be great.


  • I don't know if you were after Arabic or English spiritual songs, but I'll give what I know:

    The audio for "Sons of Martyrs" in Arabic is here:

    In fact if you follow that link, there are 2 pages of audio on Nayrouz songs. Some of the recordings are very old and so are bad quality, but my favourite personally is "Om el Shohada Gameela"/ "The Beautiful Mother of Martyrs"

    No.18 on that list is another classic - "Come on all you saints come on, to the heavenly Jerusalem" etc, I can provide the lyrics if you need them.

    pray for me


  • Hey, thanks Joe for your help. The link you provided had the same title but not the same hymn but thats alright I managed to go through the site and found some really good ones. May God continue to bless you.
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