someone help me plz?

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long time ago a person asked me a question
the question was God knows that Adam & Eve will sin
and if he know that why he give himself all that happen to him
and why he die for us and arise after three days and why he did all this if he knows from the beginning that all these things will happen
so how can i answer to these questions if i saw that person again.


  • hey how r u? good question Youstina.. hey my church is named st youtina.. lol
    neways God did all that bcz he gave us the choice.. and the freedom.. and the brain to make the dicsions (can't spell it 4 sum weird reason) neways so he knows everything ur gonna do so y did he let us sin and fall..
    bcz we have the freedom.. o WOW i think i'm right.. :o
    omg u guys better tell me i am or else i'm gonna freak out.. i'm dead serious.. ;D

    Rina ;)
  • ;)

    Your ;D
  • lol, yeah, you're right!! :D I also think it's because He had soo much love to give that He created Adam and Eve so He can share His unconditional love with them. But they took it for granted and sinned so He had to redeem them and everyone else, out of His love, so that they wouldn't perish in Hades....

  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father + and the Son + and the Holy Spirit +. The One True God. Amen[/glow].

    This is a wonderful question Youstina! People often misunderstand this attribute of God called Omniscience. This means God knows everything, what was, what is, and what will be. For God there is no difference between day and night. He sees and hears everything at all times. He knows each of us, and not only what we do and say, but also what we think what we want. God always hears everything, sees everything, and knows everything. Thus, He is omniscient ( All-Knowing).

    Just because God knew Adam and Eve were going to sin and everything else after that doesn't mean His Incarnation, Death and Resurrection was all in vain or meaningless. God gave our foreparents free- will to FREELY chose to love and obey Him for this is how love responds to the beloved. We love because God loved us first and because He loved us first, we are made to love Him but free will is God's gift to us since He doesn't want us to be robots and automatically love Him. He wants us to love Him out of our OWN FREE CHOICE. Our Lord Jesus Christ FREELY accepted death on a cross He loved us UNCONDTIONALLY , His Sacrifice is greater than ours since He had to become Man (John 1:14, Phillipians 2:6,7) and go thru the human experience except sin. He FREELY CHOSE TO DO THAT before the beginning of creation becuase he knew this was going to happen!

    God knowing doesn't make Him responsible for our ancestral sin. He didn't make them chose to eat the forbidden fruit, they were told not to (Genesis 2:15-17). Its like when our parents advise us not to go somewhere or do something because it may hurt us. They probably went thru the same thing as kids but they let us chose (sometimes, once in awhile, ok.ok, every so and we decide to do the opposite and we fall falt on ur faces. Does this make our parents responsible for our mistake(s)? They knew what was going to happen before hand but they let us CHOSE. It is the same with God. But the Victory is greater than the sin!

    Hope this helps... ;D Merry Christmas! Christ is Born!!!!!
  • thanks alot ;D
    ofcourse that help alot
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