Be careful

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church
I and others received serious warnings via email of online rogue Coptic-like sites like HH the Pope site and Youth Bishopric site that are actually trying to  impersonate them and the URLs are even very close except for a letter or 2.

Also many COC local forums in EG are under hacker attacks and Facebook is also used to gather info. There is a fake group called FaceCH this is a really bad one. An extremist group/person is behind it.

Pls be careful and remove ur personal fotos and info if there is need to do so.



  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • yeah but on other sites, not here. here we have the odd advertising fake people (check the signature for a web link to cheap holidays etc) but the admins do a great job keeping on top off it  :)
  • it's ridiculous how far they will go just to hack us

    We should pray that God will change their ways
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